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We love a good industry social event, so we decided to start holding our own. All of our events are presentation focused (shock) and involve a handful of speakers. Each event has its own theme and will either feature speakers from the Buffalo 7 fam, or volunteers.

So far, the vibe of our events have been varied; from informative tips and tricks with members of our team over breakfast, to inspirational evening talks with volunteers who have overcome adversity in their lives. Sometimes they’re free, sometimes there’s a charge to cover the cost of burgers and beers. Fun, knowledge and good company are guaranteed.

Improve your presentation skills with Buffalo 7

Attendees will take home actionable steps to liven up their presentations, craft a compelling story and improve their delivery.

4 short presentations over 2 hours.


Chris Tomlin (Communications Director) – The power of storytelling

Chris will explore the power of storytelling. Presentations full of dry data can result in the dreaded Death By Powerpoint. But when you know how to frame it into a captivating narrative, people sit up and notice. Attendees will learn how to identify their own key messages and craft them into compelling stories to engage their audience.


Paul Buckley (Lead Creative) – Why design is important

Paul will cover why design is important, how design helps to get messages across and how to apply simple design practice to presentations.


Liz Booth (Senior Developer) – PowerPoint’s best-kept secrets

PowerPoint is one of the most-used pieces of software in the world. But how many people really know how to get the best out of this amazing tool? Attendees will learn industry secrets from the experts and discover just what Microsoft PowerPoint is capable of so that they can create their own incredible presentations.


Felicity Chivers (Account Director) – The art of presenting

Creating your presentation is only half the battle. You’ve then got to deliver it. Felicity will share some secrets from some of the world’s best presenters. How did they get so good at public speaking?

12 February 2020

The Bonded Warehouse,
18 Lower Byrom Street,
M3 4AP

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6:00pm - 8:30pm


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