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We love a good industry social event, so we decided to start holding our own. All of our events are presentation focused (shock) and involve a handful of speakers. Each event has its own theme and will either feature speakers from the Buffalo 7 fam, or volunteers.

So far, the vibe of our events have been varied; from informative tips and tricks with members of our team over breakfast, to inspirational evening talks with volunteers who have overcome adversity in their lives. Sometimes they’re free, sometimes there’s a charge to cover the cost of burgers and beers. Fun, knowledge and good company are guaranteed.

Creating engaging presentations through storytelling – with VisitEngland

Our client VisitEngland asked us to take part in their business recovery webinar programme aimed at helping the UK travel industry get back on track following the coronavirus pandemic.

Our webinar will focus on creating engaging presentations through storytelling.

A strong narrative can create an emotional connection to your communications.

Discover how classic story arc structure – from Beowulf to Star Wars can entertain, inspire and compel your audience.

4 August 2020

10:00am - 11:00am


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