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to make your whole team dangerously persuasive.

can totally
be serious.

If you think storytelling is just for fairy tales and camping trips, you’re missing a trick.

Storytelling skills aren’t only a core component of effective presentations, they’re a core component of effective communications. Whether you’re trying to make new connections, build lasting partnerships, influence the whole world, or simply make more sales, storytelling is the key to it all.

With our storytelling training, we can hand you this key. Give your whole team the skills to connect to any audience, make the right impression, and inspire them to take action.

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It’s basically mind control.

Stories act as mnemonic devices. No, not the chest infection; the learning technique.

Stories help us to organise our key messages into a meaningful structure, so that our audiences will not only understand, but remember. In fact, stories are 22 times more memorable than facts alone.

Our storytelling training will teach your people to wrap stats and product benefits up as a story, meaning their presentations stay with the audience long after they’ve left the room.

storytelling training course

Congratulations on your engagement.

Audiences are more likely to connect with messages that trigger emotions and make them feel involved. As all good stories lead with emotion, backed up by logic and credibility, learning this incredible, transferable skill will have any audience on the edge of their seats and engaged from start to finish.

That’s engagement, connection, memory, and behaviour change – all increased by attending just one training session. Sounds like a good deal to us.

We’ll give your people a solid narrative framework that they can use to build all future presentations, quickly and easily. And that’s no tall story.

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Meet your new
best friend.

Not to brag, but…

The training was end-to-end excellent and informative, and received high marks from our biggest critics at the company.

Sophie Kane

Marketing Manager,

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