Some of the Buffalo 7 team

We’re buffalo 7.

We help people transform ordinary presentations into engaging, inspiring experiences.

That’s nice. Why?

Because ideas are beautiful, wild, and raw.

But ideas alone are not enough to change the world.

It’s only under the right conditions that they have the power to captivate the minds of those they meet.

We harness the chaotic energy of a raw idea, and transform how the world experiences it.

This is us.

You should know what to expect if you’re going to invite Buffalo 7 to your dinner party.



Buffalo 7 Rebellious Logo

We heard the world groan at the whisper of “PowerPoint”, and we built a brand around it.

In a sea of yes men, eagerly nodding in unison, we ask “What if we did things differently?”

What if you could start a revolution with PowerPoint?

When you think we’re going to zig, we zag. We’re live wires, bold, unpredictable. But if you knew what we were going to do, you’d do it yourself.

We thrive on producing the unexpected. But our talent never comes as a surprise to us. Whatever is thrown at us, we’ve got it under control, and this confidence comes across in our communications.

We’ll push your buttons, your limits, and our own limits, and then we’ll push play on the greatest presentation your audience has ever seen.

Change never came from playing it safe.



Buffalo 7 Animated Logo

There is a buzz about Buffalo 7. Passion reverberates out of our studio, across airwaves and Zoom calls, through every piece of work we produce, into the veins of our clients, and their audiences, through the fingertips of social media followers and into the eyeballs of blog readers.

We don’t mince our words because no one has time to be hanging around. We’re brash, spirited, and caffeinated.

Today we’re playfully curious so that tomorrow we can create bigger, better ideas. We are the catalyst for our own innovation.

It might feel like too much fun to be considered work, but this youthful energy is what gets things done. People can’t help but get swept along our frequency.

And, let’s face it, our clients always enjoy the ride.



Buffalo 7 Brazen Logo

We don’t do small talk, only big ideas. From the first conversation, all our cards are on the table. We get intimate with our clients. Perhaps a little too close for comfort. A little too honest. But you’ll soon feel like you’ve known us all your life.

Isn’t that the beauty of lasting relationships? We give you a dose of tough love every now and again, but you know we’ve got your back. No matter what. We’re supportive, dedicated to your success, and we’re forever cheering you on.

Don’t get it confused: the romance is still alive and well. We’re dreamers: starry-eyed and full of wonder. We see potential everywhere and we go for it.

We might push a little hard, but only because we know what’s possible, if you just take the leap.

Everything we are comes to life in our work and play.

We’ve been
doing our thing for over ten years.

What's our secret?

Lean in. A little closer. Let me whisper in your ear.

Our secret recipe is made of just three simple ingredients.


Discovery-led storytelling


Everything starts with you. We dive right in, immersing ourselves in your goals, challenges, dreams and roadblocks, getting under the skin of what really matters. Only then can we craft a visual story that will get you where you need to go.


Challenge Thinking

man with question mark

This is positive friction. We ask thought-provoking questions to dismantle concepts behind beliefs, identify blind spots before they’re aired in front of a live audience, and spark an explosion of ideas that may have otherwise never seen the light of day.

We’ll challenge what you think you know, and what we think we know. We’ll explore every possible route to get you to your desired destination, and then we’ll show you the best way.


Loving Relationships

couple in boat

What can we say? Buffalo 7 is just the relationship type. We want to get to know you, talk about your dreams and your LBB (Life Before Buffalo), and plan our futures together on the very first date. Before you know it, our toothbrush will be in your bathroom. We’re all in, baby.

It’s only by committing to long-term relationships that we can continue to apply challenge thinking to how you communicate. What worked for you last week might not work today. And the more we learn about you, the better your presentations will be.

It starts with you, and that’s how it continues, with a load of creative exploration sandwiched in the middle.

Show, don’t tell.

We’re not just saying all this because we like the sound of our own voice. We live every word, every day.

Nowhere is this more evident than within our leadership team. Each of them challenged with protecting and nurturing one of our uniques.

Richard Barnes
Richard Barnes

Managing Director

Richard Barnes
Richard Barnes

is our Founder and Managing Director, and has spent his career challenging the thinking of industry giants, such as Microsoft, Champions League, AG Barr, Samsung, HSBC and Red Bull, when it comes to visual storytelling.

And he challenges our thinking too. Rich nurtures our creative environment. His belief in our potential is what moves us to create bigger, better, cooler stuff every single day. His passion has swept every single one of us up, carrying us along on a journey of discovery, and plonking us down firmly in the PowerPoint fan club.

The visionary. The man that made it all possible. The heart of Buffalo 7.

Rich is an endless inspiration.

Chris Tomlin
Chris Tomlin

Storytelling and Discovery Director

Chris Tomlin
Chris Tomlin

is Buffalo 7’s Director of Storytelling and Discovery.

In his role, Chris asks an unbelievable amount of probing questions on the daily.

“What are your dreams?”

“What’s the big picture?”

“Who’s hidden my batmobiles?”

A comic book nerd whose passion for creative storytelling, alongside his inquisitive mind, led him to transform how Buffalo 7 understands its clients.

Chris has provided storytelling expertise for clients around the globe, including Sony, Dell, Unilever, Epson and the BBC. Alongside crafting scripts and storyboards, Chris delivers storytelling training and talks, discovery workshops and webinars, giving clients the knowledge to change their own narrative.

Felicity Chivers Buffalo 7
Felicity Chivers

Client Services Director

Felicity Chivers Buffalo 7
Felicity Chivers

is in charge of looking after you lovely lot. What a lucky bunch you are.

As Buffalo 7’s Client Services Director, Felicity nurtures, strokes, tickles, and feeds each of our customer relationships so that they can grow, last, and evolve into something amazing. It’s Felicity’s job to make sure every one of our clients has a big smile on their face, whenever they think of Buffalo 7.

Felicity cannot wait to sit you down, brew in hand, and hear about all your struggles. She’s listened to the likes of JD Sports, Fortinet, NET-A-PORTER, and Accor Hotels, and found long-term, strategic solutions to all their communication problems. And now, it’s your turn.

If you’re only looking for a point in the right direction, you need to dream bigger. Felicity will draw you a detailed map, describing every step you need to take to reach your goals. And then Buffalo 7 will pick you up and piggyback you to the destination.



We’re going places.

You’re probably thinking…

“You guys have got all this figured out”

…and you would be right. But we’re dreamers, and we still have one hell of a journey ahead of us.

One day, through a culture of collaboration and discovery, our exceptional team will become the agency of choice in providing premium presentation experiences.

Fancy coming along for the ride?

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