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Working with a presentation design agency is a lot of fun. In fact, maybe you’ll enjoy it so much you keep going back, time and time again, for every single presentation. Maybe you just love how the team make you feel. How they listen to your every need and provide value at every stage. Maybe you think one of them is cute. Go on, you can tell me.


But, sooner or later, your boss might start asking questions. Spoil sport. Due to the fact we all have ‘challenge thinking’ running through us like sticks of Blackpool rock, if someone asks us “Is there a better way?”, it’s physically impossible for us to lie.

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A better way.

We all feel empowered by autonomy. Being the sole reason you smashed that client presentation, and landed that huge account, feels pretty good.

Our PowerPoint template design services can give you everything you need to create your own on-brand, Buffalo-standard presentations in house. But, baby, we’ll be sad to see you go.

Guide the way.

Think of our PowerPoint template design services as creating a framework that you can use for all future presentations. A step up. A head start. A solid foundation. Layouts, graphic assets, colours and fonts are all prescribed, taking the manual labour out of building stunning slides, and leaving you to get on with the creative, fun bit. We can even animate the Slide Master, so that’s one more thing crossed off your to-do list.

Save time – and sanity –  every time you need to create a new presentation. By introducing a template into your presentation process, you can guarantee every company presentation the world sees from you will be consistent, on brand, and professional. Tell the story you want to tell.


If it ain’t broke, it’s buffalo.

We have over 60 checkpoints in our quality control process, meaning you and your team would have to try really, really hard to break our templates.

But, if you wanted to work with us again, I’m sure you’d find a way.

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Come back to the Buff for bespoke.

One-off and extra-special presentations deserve to be created with a little TLC and, maybe, some presentation specialists behind the wheel. We can focus on crafting those jaw-dropping, immersive, cinematic presentation experiences, knowing you have the day-to-day presentations under control.

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The critical element is consistency.

Totalmobile needed an easy way to ensure all of its 250+ team were telling the same story.

In came Buffalo 7 with a template that handed complete control back to the client, empowering every team member to create consistent, professional-looking presentations.


Our latest PowerPoint template designs.

We don’t mean to brag, but…

Get your eyes round this makeover

An absolute pleasure working with you guys on this project. Well managed, great communication, great design and build. Fantastic result.

The final result fixed an issue the company has had for many years. I think people don't really understand the benefits of a professionally-done template. People tend to think of it as an add-on to the end of a brand or website project.

Stephen Taylor

Head of Digital, Totalmobile

Get your eyes round this makeover

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