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You had a spark of genius that led to a product or service that’s going to change the world. And then the hard work started. By the time you get to creating your investor presentation, you’re probably bloody exhausted.

Whether you’re looking for seed funding, or you’re ready to go public, a beautifully-designed investor presentation is going to be your best friend. Presentations are the OG when it comes to spreading big ideas, and you need to get yours into the minds of everyone you meet.

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Give them what they want.

No offence to them, but investors aren’t difficult to figure out. They all want the same things from an investment presentation. They want to know about demand, your competition, your business model, strategy, and projections.

But if I know that, then you can be sure as hell the next person will too. In order to stand out, you’re going to have to do something pretty special with your slides.



Of course, we’ll include all that information in your investor presentation. But we’ll also include an emotive narrative and stories of the real people your idea has impacted.

We’ll create on-brand slide designs that draw your audience in, that they can interact with and explore. And we won’t stop there. Instead, we’ll immerse them in your idea through a culmination of tiny details that get them excited and ready to join your adventure.

We’ll make them feel the power of your idea, so they can’t imagine how they went without it for so long.

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Think we’re all talk?

Elevate your spirit...

...and your investor presentation.

Inspired by the beauty of Mont Blanc, and dedicated to its conservation, Altitude Gin is the pinnacle of premium spirits.

Altitude is an award-winning alpine dry gin, infused with mountain botanicals, including myrtille, elderflower, and pine needles.

Altitude Gin has partnered with the Research Center for Alpine Ecosystems, which studies and protects natural mountain environments. Altitude shows respect for the place that inspired its creation by donating funds to support this valuable research.

But when it came to raising their own funds, Altitude Gin’s investment deck was not transporting the audience into the inspirational story behind the brand or giving them a glimpse of the premium lifestyle they could aspire to by investing in this high-quality spirit.

The mountain to climb.

Create an investor presentation that captures the spirit of a brand, encouraging the audience to raise a glass, and then some cash.

Altitude Gin had set a goal to raise £450,000 to accelerate its global expansion and open a new distillery in the resort that inspired its creation: Chamonix-Mont-Blanc in France. Altitude wanted to establish itself as the leading super-premium gin in the world, and it needed a deck that communicated the crisp, fresh taste and high quality of the product, all the while painting a clear picture of the exciting journey ahead.

To accelerate in premium+ gin, we need to execute our growth strategy. We plan to transform a portfolio of brands on the global stage and substantially grow the operational side of the business.

Kirstine Newton
Co-founder, Altitude Gin

Investment presentation inspired by the alpine wonderland.

If we couldn’t physically transport the audience to the mountains, we’d have to bring the mountains to them through stunning photography of the snowy peaks that inspired the creation of this premium product.

To add depth and interest to the slides, and elevate the designs, we incorporated illustrations of the key botanicals that make up the distinct flavour of this unique spirit. Without a bottle having to be anywhere nearby, this presentation gives its audience a real taste of the brand.

Emily Robinson
Design Manager, Buffalo 7

The pinnacle of animation excellence.

We decided to incorporate the feeling of adventure, excitement, and expedition into the concept of the animation. Animation was discussed as a team at the start of the design process, and we chose to use imagery as the vehicle for movement. This meant working together on each of the background animations to ensure the journey felt seamless for the audience. 

The parallax effect should gently move you through the presentation naturally, rather than jump from slide to slide. Adding movement in this way keeps the audience’s attention and creates an on-brand experience for the viewer.

Jaz Isherwood
Lead Presentation Experience Specialist,
Buffalo 7

130% proof.

Buffalo 7 helped us to create a first-class investor deck, which was instrumental to the success of our investment round.

We ended up securing £585,000, which exceeded our expectations by 30%.

Kirstine Newton
Co-founder, Altitude Gin


Peak performance.

This was an example of a modern, agile method for working with busy clients that have tight deadlines. With many plates spinning at the same time - on both sides - we kept in touch through Whatsapp, as the multi-media format and instant messaging meant none of those plates dropped.

We’re so thrilled that Altitude Gin recognises the value of what we do - both in terms of the hard work in the studio, the beauty of the output, and the 99% return on investment they secured through this project. It’s a great example of the importance of working with a professional presentation agency.

Lisa Robinson
Head of Account Management, Buffalo 7

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