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Change perceptions with a striking


Oh, so you’re the numbers guy?

Your finance presentation couldn’t be more important. Money makes the world go round, and all that.

So why do the collective eyes of the room glaze over when you hit Play?


Most people don’t speak chart.

It’s not the numbers that are the problem, it’s what you’re doing with them. Just because you can see the key messages through that wall of numbers like you’re in The Matrix, doesn’t mean your audience can.


There is a better way.

You’re the expert in your data, and we’re the experts in what to do with it.  Let’s have a chat about the key business messages behind your numbers. Our specialist storytellers will look to create patterns from those messages, forming a presentation narrative everyone will understand and connect to.

Then our design team will turn your fresh narrative into a visual story. Backed up by data, but not drowning in it, we’ll turn standard charts, graphs and tables into stylised, beautiful and clear data visualisation. We can even create infographics to bring your data story to life in a fun and unforgettable way.

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Be the number one at presenting numbers.

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We did this too.

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