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Turn your CPD presentation into the event of the season.

There’s some tough competition out there when it comes to CPD presentations. Fortunately for you – most of the time – they suck.

Transform long-winded, ordinary messaging into engaging and informative visual stories that not only give your audience a competitive advantage, but also don’t bore them to sleep in the process. And they’ll be so thankful, they’ll tell everyone they know.


Find your balance.

To get that all-important sign off from your governing body, you have to show a balanced argument, thorough research, unique value, and precise technical detail.

Doesn’t sound like a thrilling story though, does it?

Leave it to us to find the edge-of-your-seat narrative among all the necessary information.

We’ll tick all the boxes, while creating slides your audience will want to pay attention to. And we’ll use our design secrets to ensure your messages slip seamlessly into their brain boxes and stay there too.


Get your audience
on side.

Yeah, yeah, we know you can’t use your CPD presentation to sell. The powers that be are such spoil sports. But you can show your audience you know what you’re talking about, you’re trustworthy, and have credibility coming out your earholes.

When they need a hand with a project, they’ll know where to go. Just like you know where to go when you need a hand with a presentation project.

…to Buffalo 7. Just in case that wasn’t clear.

Think we’re all talk?

Automatically inspirational.

A CPD presentation that runs circles around the rest.


Why is it that all CPD presentations have slides reminiscent of school presentations?

As if education and a good time can’t be in the same place at the same time. Luckily for its audiences, FAAC Entrance Solutions knew it could get ahead of the competition by transforming its CPD presentation designs into engaging, inspirational, and educational experiences.

Experts in automated entrance solutions, FAAC is prolific in sharing knowledge with the architectural and construction industries.

But its presentation assets weren’t making it easy for the audiences to absorb all their expert advice.

Outdated and disjointed, we needed to strip these architectural CPD presentations down to the bones and rebuild.

The way in.

Building on top of strong foundations, we needed to transform the expert messaging in these CPD presentations into a series of modern masterpieces. 

Can I get a volunteer from the audience?

We wanted to make sure this CPD presentation was as far from a school classroom PowerPoint as possible. The structure and flow were vital to the success of this deck, but the most important element was the interactivity. We weaved fun and flexible knowledge-testing exercises into every section to ensure the audiences follow along and learn as much as possible, while giving the presenters a chance to check in.

Lauren Garforth
Lead Creative Storyteller,
Buffalo 7

Remove the excess.

With education being the name of the game, we knew we had to prioritise substance, but without losing out on style. Inspired by architectural blueprints, we stripped the designs right back, allowing the key messages to shine through.

Hannah Tyson
Lead Designer, Buffalo 7 

Information in motion.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, an animated visual must be worth a million. By communicating the key messages visually, we were able to reduce the on-slide copy dramatically and help all types of learner to get the most value from this educational presentation.

Liz Booth
Lead Presentation Experience Specialist, Buffalo 7 

The blueprint for a
lasting partnership.

The team at Buffalo 7 guided us through the step-by-step process with ease, providing great insight and fresh new ideas, to create a more modern and engaging CPD for our audience.

Andrew Hamilton
UK Specification and Marketing Director,

We did this too.