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Discovery-led storytelling, stunning design & dynamic animation

Buffalo 7 is a world-class presentation design agency that gets your messages heard.

Your company presentations should engage through emotion. Show data through stories. Create experiences through spectacular, dynamic PowerPoint presentation design. If they don’t, your audience isn’t listening. You need a PowerPoint presentation design company to tell your stories in style.

We identify your key messages, craft your narrative and package it all beautifully to inspire your audiences so they take action.

How we work

We’re not your ordinary corporate presentation design agency.

Our portfolio of presentation design services and solutions has attracted some of the world’s biggest brands like Dell, UEFA and Sony. And recognition from some of the industry’s esteemed award organisations. Our dedication to innovation secured us the title of Creative Industries Business of the Year at the Amazon Growing Business Awards.

Outright Games Thank You Presentation Slide

We don’t just design corporate presentations, we create experiences.

Our treehouse studio in Manchester houses a close-knit community of creatives. The atmosphere of our office is collaborative by nature. Our expert team of presentation designers, developers and storytellers push the boundaries of what’s possible and consistently exceed client expectations.

More about us
Chris Tomlin Storytelling Workshop with Post-it Notes
Buffalo 7 team with two people presenting

No two presentations are the same, but all are equally important.

We’ve been a PowerPoint presentation design company for over ten years, so we’ve seen it all when it comes to presentations. But that doesn’t mean we deliver the same solutions. While there are commonalities in what our clients need, every presentation design project presents its own set of challenges, ideas and solutions.

We strive to create incredible experiences for your audience. Experiences that excite people, encourage conversations and ultimately, make your investment worthwhile.

Our corporate presentation design services include:

Investor pitch decks & presentations

Let your numbers tell your story, not baffle your audience. Clear and engaging data visualisation.

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Investor pitch decks & presentations

Whether you’re a start-up or established business, when you’re asking someone to risk giving you vast sums of money, you need to deliver your investment presentation with real impact.

While statistics and data are important to add credibility to your story, the answer is not to fill your slide deck with graphs and tables.

Our presentation designers make technical data look beautiful and easy to understand. Complex charts are reimagined to become simple and engaging. We find the message behind the chart and strip out the excess, so that the key points of your presentation deck are clear and digestible.

Minimal, razor-sharp design means that your business investment pitch is clear, compelling and exudes premium professionalism.

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Pitch decks for business

Our premium pitch decks are designed to support your messaging, not distract from it.

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Pitch decks for business

No two pitch decks are the same. Or, at least, they shouldn’t be. Whether you’re a start-up or Fortune 500 company, and whatever you’re pitching, you need to capture your audience’s attention with a strong narrative, back your ideas up with beautiful data visualisation, and use eye-catching presentation design to stand out from the crowd.

Our PowerPoint presentation designers work with all types of companies, from tech to education, and will work with you to understand your brand, your ideas and your requirements. So that we can create a bespoke look and feel that will leave your audience with no doubt as to whose sales pitch presentation it was that blew them away.

Premium, slick and stylish, our pitch decks are designed to support your messaging, not distract from it.

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Product presentations

We'll empower your products to shine in your presentation through incredible design and storytelling.

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Product presentations

You’ve worked tirelessly to develop your new product, and your launch presentation is the first opportunity to shout about it.

The PowerPoint slides you use should be breathtaking, with a focus on communicating the benefits of your product, and how it will change your audience’s lives.

Our presentation designers and storytellers will work to highlight the key features and benefits of your new product, create a design that allows them to shine as the star of the presentation, and show it in the best light.

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Conference & keynote presentations

Premium slides that support your messages, follow your themes, highlight the key benefits.

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Conference & keynote presentations

Whether you’ve never presented at a conference before, or you’re a seasoned keynote speaker, it’s essential to have a professionally-designed PowerPoint deck behind you.

You need a presentation that grabs your audience’s attention and inspires them. PowerPoint slides that support your messages, follow your themes and narrative, and highlight the key benefits for your audience.

A great speech can be undermined by a poorly-designed, unreliable presentation, so our PowerPoint presentation designers develop bespoke visuals to support your every word.

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Corporate finance presentations

Visualise data in clear, exciting ways to ensure nothing is lost, especially your audience’s attention.

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Corporate finance presentations

Let’s face it: financial presentations can be mind-numbingly boring to look at. Even if the figures are telling a great story, slide after slide of charts and graphs can punish your audience’s eyes and patience.

But take that same raw data and apply beautiful PowerPoint design to it, and you’ve got an engaging presentation that can be incredibly inspiring.

Finance presentations are so important – our expert PowerPoint presentation designers focus on visualising the key data in clear, exciting ways to ensure nothing is lost, especially your audience’s attention.

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Marketing presentations

Bring your company messages to life through dynamic design, flowing as a cohesive, engaging story.

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Marketing presentations

Whether you’re looking to increase brand awareness, acquire new business or generate leads, the right marketing presentation can put you in a strong position.

Convincing others that you’re the best in the business can be tricky, but it’s a lot less stressful when your slides do the talking.

Picture your company messages brought to life through presentation design and animation, flowing as a cohesive, engaging story. Even though you’re there to sell, your agenda will be woven into an intricately-designed PowerPoint deck that subtly drives your marketing messages home.

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Our company presentation design process


Our in-depth discovery sessions are all about uncovering what matters most to your business. We’ll explore the intricacies of your brand: your ideas, pain points, truths and objectives.

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Powerful marketing materials need a powerful story. That’s where our team of Storytelling experts come in. We’ll create a narrative that takes your audience on a journey.

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Entrusting an external design team to represent your brand is scary. Will they respect the reputation you’ve worked so hard to build?

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We’ll use slick, seamless PowerPoint animations to break down complicated messages and facilitate an enjoyable experience for the audience.

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Project management

You will have your own dedicated Project Manager who will be on hand to guide you through the process and show you that your project, and your brand, is in safe hands.

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Our in-depth discovery sessions are all about uncovering what matters most to your business.

We’ll explore the intricacies of your company: your ideas, pain points, truths and objectives.

Outlining where you want to go, understanding what’s holding you back, and establishing how we can help you get there.

We’ll also spend time exploring who it is you’re talking to in your pitch or presentation: their day-to-day lives, their expectations, their challenges, what they’re looking for and what your shared vision is.

And we’ll focus on understanding your truths.

Determining what’s preventing you from persuading your audience.

Aligning audience challenges with your solutions.

And how we can speak to them in a language that will actually resonate.

This is your opportunity to divulge all your thoughts, needs and preferences, before we take the reins.

Our job is to listen to you, extract all the information we need and advise you on the best path forward.

Once we’ve got a solid understanding of your goals and expectations, we’ll be able to scope out your presentation project in its entirety.

And build a solid foundation for the delivery of your project, assigning a team of presentation specialists to help you through each phase.

Discovery is the first step towards inspirational content that reaches the right people, through the right channels, with a message that they can connect with.

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Powerful presentations need a powerful story.

As well as presentation designers, we have a team of Storytelling experts and this is where they come in.

We’ll create a narrative that takes your audience on a journey. Setting the scene by addressing an industry, scenario or environment that they’re familiar with.

Then, from a place of empathy and understanding, we’ll explore what’s holding them back.

Before introducing them to new and exciting concepts that’ll change their lives.

The narrative will speak to their emotions, establish your credibility and give them the logical arguments to back up their feelings.

Whatever the change you’re trying to make, or channel you’d like to use, we can guarantee a compelling narrative.

One that uses classic storytelling techniques to connect, persuade, and ensure your message stays with them.

According to cognitive psychologists, information is 20% more memorable when delivered as a story.

This is because they help audiences trust, empathise with and believe in the messages. Once you strike that emotional chord, they’ll remember how you’ve made them feel.

And, if it’s done right, you’ll change their behaviours by the end.

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Entrusting an external presentation design company to represent your brand is scary. Will they respect the reputation you’ve worked so hard to build? Will they understand your message and create materials that distinguish your company from the competition?

We’ve been listening to our clients for over a decade, understanding their challenges and their fears, and showing them we’re a partner they can trust in.

We use your brand guidelines and website, along with any further direction from yourself, to create a presentation design style that is unmistakably you.

We create high-end visuals for an ultra-professional design style that will carry across all your communications, internally and externally.

We can transform the way data is received by your audience, making it easy for them to understand the meaning behind the numbers.

Our PowerPoint presentation designers understand how to optimise the delivery of your ideas and will explore alternative ways of illustrating your key points.

And they’ll eliminate all the fluff, stripping away the unessential information to leave room for the design elements to make a big impact.

They are experts in the psychology behind design, bringing each carefully-curated element together to enhance the clarity of your message, making it more memorable and more persuasive.

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We’ll use slick, seamless PowerPoint animations to break down complicated messages and facilitate an enjoyable experience for the audience.

And we’ll provide a robust PowerPoint template with pre-loaded layouts to give you a push in the right direction.

We set up your preferred styling elements, and check over 60 different points to ensure the highest quality, so all that’s left for you to do is open the software and add in content.

We can even add a menu system, handing the power to navigate your messaging back to you.

Tap into dynamic navigation for immersive presenter-to-audience interaction.

Gone are the days of meetings dictated by PowerPoint.

Take back control and be prepared for anything your audience throws at you. Just one click and you can take the conversation wherever you want.

Break down the imaginary barrier between speaker and audience, letting your customers choose what they want to talk about next instead of going through the deck linearly.

Completely flexible to your needs. You can skip past entire sections, build navigation to hidden slides or create a menu of case studies by hyperlinking.

Whatever your message, whatever your design style, our PowerPoint developers will build your story in a way that is inspirational, digestible and memorable.

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Project management

Every presentation design project has it’s own dedicated Project Manager, who will not only oversee the entire project from start to finish, but will be on hand to guide you through the process and show you that your project, and your brand, is in safe hands.

All our Project Managers are, naturally, experts in people-focused customer care and know our business inside out, but they’re so much more than that. They each carry the key hallmarks of a true guide:

  • They have empathy: they genuinely care about you, your business, and your success.
  • They can advise with authority, as they’ve seen these challenges before, they’ve navigated these roads, and they know exactly what to do next.
  • And they have a clear picture of the end result. They can see your new and improved future, and they know how to get you there.
  • They do this through clear and nurturing communication, always keeping you updated on project progression, each milestone, and what you can expect.
  • They’ll also let you know what we need from you in order to make your project as successful as possible, delivered on time and within budget.
  • And they’ll communicate with your assigned presentation design team, meaning you have one clear stream of information, not fragmented chains of chat. And you’ll never have to say the same thing twice.
  • Let your PM manage all resources, so you don’t have to: removing all stress and guaranteeing your vision becomes reality.

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Our work

Sportradar presentation title slide
Sportradar presentation slide with icons
Sportradar testimonial slide
Sportradar About us PowerPoint slide

Sportradar's data-driven PowerPoint deck

The challenge

Sportradar’s existing PowerPoint deck lacked the excitement needed to resonate with their audience, and didn’t capture the value of the services they offer.

Our solution

Through concise storytelling, beautifully-designed sports imagery, and dynamic animation, our presentation experts made their data-driven solution exciting and compelling to a wide audience.

The results

“Gabby was excellent throughout. Managed the team and process very well - kept me informed, always helpful and flexible.”

Mike FalconerStrategy DirectorSportradar
Talentworks title slide
Talentworks About us slide
Talentworks statistic slide
Talentworks statement presentation slide

Talent Works' rebrand presentation

The challenge

Following a company rebrand, Talent Works wanted to ensure that their PowerPoint deck would stand out from the competition with a completely new look in just seven days.

Our solution

We came up with three possible presentation design routes (and they loved all three), so we merged the style of each to create a slick, impactful PowerPoint presentation, with fresh branding that they would feel confident about using going forward.

The result

“I really enjoyed working with the team, they made it all look so easy! And we’re very grateful that they were able to meet our tight deadline.”

Sarah ChesterDigital & Marketing Team LeadTalent Works
Outright Games title slide
Outright games timeline presentation slide
Outright Games text and image slide
Outright Games thank you presentation slide

Outright Games' pitch presentation

The challenge

Outright Games returned to us with a request for three separate PowerPoint presentations with a really fast turnaround: premium pitch assets that really stood out to resonate with clients.

Our solution

We started with an in-depth storytelling workshop to unpick their messaging and craft the narrative, then developed a modern design, combining a gaming theme and new website style.

The result

“Buffalo 7 are a great team to work with. They’ve helped our business to grow by enhancing and shaping the way that we communicate through fantastic business presentations. The team are proactive, creative and organised. I highly recommend Buffalo 7 to anyone looking to elevate their communications and take their business presentations to the next level.”

Stephanie MalhamChief Operating OfficerOutright Games
Rockstar Energy presentation title slide
Rockstar Energy chapter slide
Rockstar Energy menu slide
Rockstar Energy image presentation slide

AG Barr's internal sales presentation

The challenge

AG Barr were hosting an annual internal sales conference at the IMAX in the Trafford Centre, and wanted to use the latest and greatest technology to make an immense impact with the Rockstar Energy brand.

Our solution

Our presentation specialists worked to create a really-visually striking PowerPoint deck that highlighted their successes, successes they’d had, accompanied by a truly ‘rockstar’ showreel video that we also developed.

The result

“Our presentation stood out as the best part, and presentation, of the day! The Rockstar section was the talk of the conference, with everyone asking our contact where they'd gone to produce that. Making noise at these events is how the individual brands cut through to the group heads and get more support and confidence where they need it.”

Gordon DonaldSenior Sponsorship and Promotions ManagerAG Barr
Westminster House title slide
Westminster House text and image slide
Westminster House investor promise slide
Westminster House statement slide

Westminster House's charity presentation

The challenge

WHYC had an amazing story to tell, but needed a slide deck that helped them stand out from other charity funding bids.

Our solution

Our experts created an emotive, community-focused story that captured the incredible work they do for disadvantaged children with a vibrant, positive tone.

The result

“You have all worked extremely hard and we are very impressed by the content! It's incredibly comprehensive, including sections that we would never have considered.”

Katie Worthington (MBE)DirectorWestminster House Youth Club

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