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How To Use Vectors in PowerPoint

Last year we wrote a post on using Encapsulated PostScript (.EPS) files in PowerPoint. Well… Microsoft have only gone and disabled this...

The Best Free PowerPoint Backgrounds

Boost your branding and bolster your theme with a bespoke background image that will make your slideshow the envy of all your...

8 Traits That Great Public Speakers Have in Common

What do George W Bush, Cicero and Tim Ferriss have in common? No, it’s not that they’re all famous white guys (Cicero might take issue with that...

How to Use Trello to Plan Your Presentation

You can plan anything with Trello including your next PowerPoint presentation. Collaborate, collate and create with the aid of Trello’s project...

The Pros and Cons of Using Google Slides

If you’re already a Google super-user, switching from PowerPoint to Google Slides might make sense. But what features can you expect to gain and...

Do elite presenters need a slide deck?

How Chris Murray Uses a Less is More Approach to Enhance His Delivery For the average presenter, having the back up of an amazing presentation...

Press Release: Client wins drive rapid growth

A raft of client wins at a Manchester PowerPoint presentation design agency has fuelled rapid growth at the business. Buffalo 7 has been...

The Only 6 Presentation Fonts You’ll Need

Step away from the novelty fonts. If you’re delivering a business presentation, these super six are the only PowerPoint presentation fonts you will...

PowerPoint 2010 & 2016 – What’s the Difference?

Six years is a long time in software development. PowerPoint 2016 contains a raft of improvements over its predecessors. Can you spot what’s...

Buffalo 7 at Yorkshire’s Biggest B2B Exhibition

On Tuesday 16th and Wednesday 17th May, at Royal Armouries in Leeds, we showcased examples of our recent presentations at the Buy...

Five Things You Should Never Do in a PowerPoint Presentation (Ever)

Some rules are made to be broken but these five are inviolable. For the sake of your PowerPoint presentations and your credibility, don’t ever do...

How Many Slides For Your PowerPoint Presentation

How many slides is too many slides for your presentation and how many is just right? All the answers you need to this age-old PowerPoint question are...

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