The ultimate guide to PowerPoint

All you need to know about amazing presentations

We’re going to guess that you’re here for just one reason: you’ve got an important presentation coming up and you want to quickly learn how to craft slick, compelling PowerPoint slides.

You couldn’t be in better hands. We’re Buffalo 7, a specialist PowerPoint presentation design agency and here we’ve condensed the extensive knowledge of our PowerPoint design and development team down into actionable steps you can use to craft presentations that persuade, sell, educate and perhaps most importantly, excite.

This guide is not PowerPoint for Dummies, because you’re not one. It’s not an exhaustive technical manual, either. This is the concise guide to everything you need to know about PowerPoint (with none of the stuff you don’t), written by the best in the business. It’s a concise reference for people who need to build quality slides fast and get things done.

Prepare yourself. Your PowerPoint presentations are about to get a whole lot better.


  1. Establishing narrative and structuring content
  2. The importance of templates and slide masters
  3. Working with layers in PowerPoint
  4. Design and layout best practices
  5. Choosing fonts and colours
  6. Mastering animations and transitions
  7. How to find quality images
  8. Adding video and interactivity
  9. The presentation checklist
  10. You’ve never seen PowerPoint like this
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