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Sales messaging tips for your presentation

Welcome to Part 1 in our new series of tutorials covering how to plan and deliver the perfect sales presentation. This week’s sales presentation tips focus on how to develop strong key messaging.

Sales Messaging Tips

The foundation of a great sales presentation needs to be put in place long before you meet with prospects. It should be set down before you contact leads, and even before you fire up PowerPoint. We’re talking about identifying your key messages.

Mark Twain, a giant of American Literature and revered public speaker in his day once said, ‘It usually takes me more than three weeks to prepare a good impromptu speech.’ Prepare your sales messaging fastidiously, then deliver it with effortlessly.


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Respond to a Problem

Sales messaging should always be in response to a problem that your prospect has. In business, people make purchasing decisions based on what they believe will solve their professional challenges, so make sure that you position your product or service in a way that directly responds your customers’ needs.

For example, our own business is a premium presentation design service. We exist because businesses have traditionally struggled with producing slick, impactful presentation that match the quality of their brand and other collateral – so they employ our services.

Focus on selling the business benefits of your products, and not just the features; prospects care a lot more about the former than the latter, as benefits make it easier for customers to understand how your product or service will make their lives easier.

Are there competitors selling a similar product? Sell the benefits of yours against any perceived disadvantages of theirs. But be honest, transparent, and never badmouth the competition (you don’t even need to mention them directly).

Tailor Your Sales Messaging

Be entirely customer-focused in your approach to presentation messaging: take the time to immerse yourself in your prospects’ industries, finding out what problems they currently face and what obstacles they are likely to encounter in the future.

If you have multiple product offerings, it’s often too much to try and develop individual messaging for each product, so assess your prospect’s needs prior to your presentation and create a suitable package from your product range that best suits their requirements – then tailor powerful sales messaging around this package that is specific to that prospect.

Be Agile, Sell Flexibly

So you’ve developed powerful messaging strands and a slick visual presentation. You arrive at your meeting and launch your slide deck, but then something unexpected happens: your prospect starts moving the conversation in a different direction, wants to talk about another aspect of your offering, or requires information that comes later in your presentation.

In this event, linear presentation messaging is effectively useless: your customer wants you to address their questions and concerns immediately, not further into your presentation – and similarly, you should want to be similarly customer-focused in your approach.

For this purpose, consider building modular a sales presentation template or non-linear PowerPoint navigation that will allow you the flexibility to move seamlessly between subjects and stay agile in a constantly shifting environment.

Know Your Content Inside Out

Read your content regularly, quiz yourself on it, and practice relentlessly. Test your retention of every detail of your presentation content – remember that while slides are an invaluable visual aid, you are the one delivering your messaging, not your presentation. It might seem obvious, but no-one is going to buy in to your messaging if you’re not an expert on it.

Above all, keep your messaging simple and respect the Power of Three: arrange easy-to-digest sales content around three key benefits so that prospects will find them easy to understand and recall.

Buffalo7 is a dedicated PowerPoint presentation design agency. Presentations are our passion and why we exist. Stay tuned to our Twitter account to be the first to know when we publish Part 2 in our Sales Presentation series.

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