Why We Exist | Buffalo 7's Why and Values

Our why

We help the world's best brands to deliver incredible presentations.

Our vision

To be globally acknowledged as leader in helping companies transform business truths into compelling and rich narrative that increases capital wealth and deepens stakeholder relationships.

We do this through harnessing these stories as vehicles for elearning, and stimuli for influential visual presentations.

Our values


We’re proud of what we do. We produce work that means we can stand up next to our client and say, ‘we did that’. We share our positive feedback, so we can all enjoy this feeling of pride.


We enjoy exploring new creative ideas with a vision to show others that PowerPoint isn’t boring, and can deliver powerful creative stories.


We don’t look back. We’re always looking ahead, for new opportunities, for whatever is next in our business and our work.


We’ll do whatever it takes so realise the idea, to deliver the work, and to meet our goals. We don’t give up, and we know we can find the solution together.


We believe that communication should always be clear, simple, open and accessible. We live and breathe this internally, and through open discussion with our clients.


We treat everyone with respect, because we want to be respected ourselves. Our clients know their story better than we do, just as we know how we can help them deliver a positive story. We inspire others to do more, and people enjoy working with us.


And most of all, we do it together. We win together, we enjoy our work together, and we enjoy our time together.

Let’s work together

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Buffalo 7 is a presentation design agency that creates premium communications content for brands around the world.