Buffalo 7 brand transformation: our makeover story.

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We’ve been transforming our clients’ big ideas into presentation experiences for over ten years. We love giving presenters a confidence boost, putting some pep in their step, and making them proud to stand in front of an audience with a next-level visual story behind them. But we were starting to feel a little left out. We’d been so focused on our clients, that we hadn’t given our own brand any love for quite some time. The Buffalo 7 brand identity no longer represented who we are. It made us blend in, when the work we produce always stands out. With lockdown about to lift, there is no better time for a transformation. The Buffalo 7 brand is ready to emerge from its corona cocoon; a beautiful social butterfly. And what better way to make its debut into the world than with a daft blog about a PowerPoint design agency makeover show?

Introducing your host: P. Head

P Head P. Head is here to inject a little playfulness into proceedings. He may have a tiny head, but he’s got a massive personality. You may not be familiar with his work, so let me catch you up. In some of his previous roles, you can find him sliding down a fireman’s pole to save some poor ideas from not getting the visual storytelling they deserve. What a hero. For others, he had to draw on his method acting background to truly embody what it’s like to live the life of a painter and decorator. And he’s even played the part of a gondola driver, turning lovers’ dream dates into reality under the moonlight. But today, he’s playing the part of host for this transformation story. Take it away, P.

“Shall we meet our first guest?

Come on down, Buffalo 7’s tone of voice. It’s time for your makeover.”

Buffalo 7 old brand “Hello darling, don’t be shy. Tell the audience a little about yourself.” “Hello, I’m…well…I’m whoever you want me to be. Oh, I don’t know. I’m a little confused. I thought if I just sounded like the other PowerPoint design agencies, then I’d fit in. I thought the people I was talking to would like that, you know? Maybe they’d accept me, if I was just what they expected. And it worked. Sort of. Don’t get me wrong, no one’s rejected me for becoming just another voice in the crowd. But they don’t get hyped up about hanging out with me either. And I don’t blame them. Us agencies, we’re all just shouting about ourselves all the time. Every one of us is all me, me, me. Blah, blah, blah.” New brand I’m not like the other agencies. I just want my personality to shine through.” “One personality coming right up. Tone of voice, if you’d like to step behind the curtain into the Transformation Zone, and we’ll see you when your freak flag is firmly flying.”

Tone of voice: the big reveal

This is it We see you Close your eyesWhat's the big idea “Wow. What a turnaround. Tone of voice, you sound great, but how do you feel?” “Honestly? I feel rebellious. I feel like zagging the moment you think I’m going to zig. I feel bold, unpredictable, confident. I feel like pushing your limits, and then my own. I feel animated. Passion is reverberating out of me. I bet the audience can feel it from there. Oi oi. I feel brash, spirited, caffeinated. I feel the need to play, explore, create something, break something. I feel brazen. I’m done with small talk. I only want big ideas. I want to get to know you. Like, really know you. I want to get too close for comfort, too honest. I want you to feel as though you’ve known me your entire life. I feel starry-eyed and full of wonder. I feel like me.”

Makeover two

“Buffalo 7 brand colours: this is your time.”

old colours “I’ve had the same style for so long now, I don’t even know what I like anymore. I’ve always been just black and yellow. I mean, it’s striking for sure. It gets me noticed, but I think it’s for the wrong reasons. Some people find my look a bit harsh, but that’s not who I am at all. I’m feeling flat, if I’m honest with you. I don’t want to change completely. I’d just like to reflect more of my personality in my look. I’m so much more than this one dimension.” “Bob off behind the magic makeover curtain, and we’ll see you in just a little while.”

“Brand colours: let’s see what you look like.”

new Buffalo 7 colours “Whoaaaa you’re glowing. There will be no hiding with those bright tones. And that personality is definitely coming through. All three of them to be precise. I can see your rebellious side in that dangerous red, the buzzing, humming life emanating from the green, and that purple certainly is brazen. What do you think?” “It feels so natural. I’m still me. I still see myself when I look in the mirror, but I’m softer, more alive, more expressive. I’m more me. I love this rich blue. I never would’ve thought to pair it with my yellow, but it complements my natural beauty. I can’t wait to get out there, have all eyes on me, and show the world who I really am.”

Makeover three

“Buffalo 7 logo, let’s go.”

Old Buffalo 7 logo “I don’t know why I’m here to be honest.” “Oh. You’re not excited for a new look?” “No. I look great the way I am. I’m tall and elegant. I have class, but also a fun side. I represent the Buffalo 7 brand perfectly. I really don’t see how you can improve perfection.” “Well, we’ll give it a good ol’ college try. Off you pop to the Transformation Zone. If you can fit your head through the curtains.”

“Buffalo 7 logo: get your horns out. Oi oi.”

New Buffalo 7 logo 2021 “Bask in my beauty. Soak up my exquisite frame. My lines. My curves. Have you ever seen such glory?” “Well, yes, just a moment ago, when you were here before. So, you decided not to get a makeover after all?” “What are you talking about? Are you blind? Can you not see how I’m holding myself? I’m completely evolved. I’m elevated. I’m refined. I hold my head high and take up the space I deserve. I chose to focus on personal growth, where all others chose superficial. I worked on my skills and just wait until you see what I can do now. Clear some space. It’s time to put things in motion. I’m rebellious. I clash, collide, and challenge, creating positive friction. I’m animated. There’s a buzz about me. My passion gets into the veins of my audience, like ten shots of espresso. I’m brazen. I create close bonds and lasting relationships through authenticity, expertise, and honesty.”

Makeover four

“Time for our final makeover of the day. Buffalo 7 internal template, let’s be having ya.”

Old Buffalo 7 PPT Template “Oh, hello. I was about to go home. I thought you’d forgotten me. It’s ok, I don’t mind. I’m used to it. Every day, I watch as Buffalo 7 transforms unloved presentations into next-level experiences. I see old, lifeless decks come through the studio doors, and I see stunning, persuasive, engaging presentations leave. But it’s been years since anyone gave me any TLC. Not even a little zhuzh. I know everyone thinks I’m not all there. A little empty. Nothing much going on upstairs. But that just means I’m a blank canvas, ready to become whatever you need me to be. And I know that the world is never going to see me, and maybe I don’t need to look as good as the client presentations that hold life-changing ideas. But lives can be changed within the studio walls as well. I could help transform how the Buffs experience those ideas. Just not with this understated, out-of-date look.” “Well, let’s get you to the Transformation Zone, stat. Doctor, this makeover is an emergency.”

“Buffalo 7 internal template: have you been resuscitated?”

New Buffalo 7 PPT Template “I’ve never felt so proud to be me. I’m still just as versatile, just as poised and ready to mould to the ideas added to me, but now I have the confidence and visual impact to get those big ideas heard, understood, and remembered. I feel part of the team, like I really represent the Buffalo 7 brand. Showing every person at this agency that how we communicate with one another is just as important as how we communicate to the world beyond our studio doors. The size of my audience won’t lessen the power of the idea.” “I’m happy you like your makeover, but we’re not done with you yet. Consider this first look your day-to-day attire. You can take this style to work, to internal events, and social gatherings. But we see something more in you. We think you’ve got what it takes to represent the bigger, world-changing ideas as well. You just need to put on a different outfit. Step back behind the curtain, if you’ll oblige me.”

“Buffalo 7 PowerPoint template: let’s see your big ideas.”

external ppt template buffalo 7 “I can’t believe the difference. With just a change of illustration, and some brush strokes, I’m ready for the main stage. I’m still clearly part of the Buffalo 7 family. After all, we are one rebellious, animated, brazen company, no matter how, where, and why you interact with us. But, in this look, I feel polished enough to represent this unrivalled group of creatives out in the big, wide world. I can finally do their big ideas proud. And there’s so much opportunity to grow this look and play with this style.”

“Did somebody say play?”

Screenshot of Play page “That’s my area of expertise. I’m where creativity thrives. I’m trial and error. Learning from mistakes. I’m the great ideas graveyard: the Play page.”
“Excuse me, you can’t just storm the stage like this. You’re not in the script. This is highly irregular.” “Am I making you uncomfortable? Good. Outside of your comfort zone is where growth happens. I’m unexpected, brash, authentic. I wear my mistakes on my sleeve and I’m always learning, evolving, blossoming. I’m alive with ideas. In play, we can create without barriers. In unconstrained exploration, we become our own inspiration. We make, break, and create. We push the limits of what’s possible. After all, change never came from playing it safe.”

“Thankfully, that’s all we have time for, folks. I need a lie down.”

The next episode

Our much-needed makeover has transformed the Buffalo 7 brand into a powerful reflection of what’s always been within. We’re already standing taller, knowing that the story we’re putting out into the world is one that represents us, authentically. We’re excited to see our new brand develop as we create more content, tell more stories, and speak at more events. This rebrand has lit a fire within the team, and you can expect to see even greater things from us, really soon.


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