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When the world changes, those who adapt the fastest will not only survive, but emerge stronger and ready to rebuild. Outright Games reached out to Buffalo 7, as the world tried to outmanoeuvre a global pandemic, to help them find new ways to communicate through this digital brochure example.

This much-loved children’s video game publisher, enjoyed working with us so much, they couldn’t wait to send another three decks our way. But, this time, there was a twist.

*If you’ve not followed the relationship narrative so far, check out our Outright Games pitch deck case study.

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Pointing man

The world has changed.

And the way we do business changed too.

The Coronavirus pandemic was just beginning and, though we didn’t know quite how much our lives were about to be impacted, we did know we had to find new ways to keep business as close to usual as we could.

Outright Games had three important pitches coming up when the country went into lockdown. Luckily, they knew exactly what to do: turn to the experts at Buffalo 7.

The evolution.

Transform presentation assets

into an unexpected digital brochure example, so the story shines without a speaker.

We’re agile by nature due to our team of creatives that come from an incredible variety of backgrounds. While we have found our place in the world of presentation design, we’re in a perfect position to help our clients communicate across any media and tell stories under any conditions.

James Taylor
Project Manager, Buffalo 7

Outright Games Digital Brochure

An exercise in design compromise.

Our first project with Outright Games was all about them - and rightly so. But, this time, the designs needed to represent a partnership between our client and theirs. We stripped back the circular content frames, and went big and bold with the game imagery, carefully matching a complementary colour from Outright Games’ brand palette to the client’s artwork.

Emma Fisher
Lead Designer, Buffalo 7

A brochure example in PowerPoint.

We used classic design principles from the world of print, working - loosely - around a column structure to increase legibility. We helped draw the eye to key points, when a speaker wouldn’t be present to do so, with graphical elements that anchor the messaging, and make it stand out from the rest.

Emma Fisher
Lead Designer, Buffalo 7

Bringing static slides to life.

Even though this digital brochure example was to be sent as a static document, there’s no reason we couldn’t give the illusion of movement. We used swooshing lines, and playful imagery to create energy. And we created layers, with floating elements to house content and cut-out character visuals that appear to be climbing out of the screen.

Emma Fisher
Lead Designer, Buffalo 7

A second (third, and fourth) win

For this unstoppable team.

Buffalo 7 are a great team to work with. They’ve helped our business to grow by enhancing and shaping the way we communicate through fantastic business presentations. The team are proactive, creative and organised.

Stephanie Malham
Chief Operating Officer,
Outright Games

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