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Investor presentation case study


You had a spark of genius that led to a product or service that’s going to change the world. And then the hard work started. By the time you get to creating your investor presentation, you’re probably bloody exhausted.

Whether you’re looking for seed funding, or you’re ready to go public, a beautifully-designed investor presentation is going to be your best friend. Presentations are the OG when it comes to spreading big ideas, and you need to get yours into the minds of everyone you meet.

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Give them what they want.

No offence to them, but investors aren’t difficult to figure out. They all want the same things from an investment presentation. They want to know about demand, your competition, your business model, strategy, and projections.

But if I know that, then you can be sure as hell the next person will too. In order to stand out, you’re going to have to do something pretty special with your slides.



Of course, we’ll include all that information in your investor presentation. But we’ll also include an emotive narrative and stories of the real people your idea has impacted.

We’ll create on-brand slide designs that draw your audience in, that they can interact with and explore. And we won’t stop there. Instead, we’ll immerse them in your idea through a culmination of tiny details that get them excited and ready to join your adventure.

We’ll make them feel the power of your idea, so they can’t imagine how they went without it for so long.

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Think we’re all talk?

One good deed deserves another.

An investor presentation case study


Launched in 1988, Westminster House Youth Club is one of the oldest youth clubs in England.

From the very first time it opened its doors, WHYC has been central to improving the lives of disadvantaged young people.

Despite its powerful story, WHYC was struggling for funding to build much-needed housing on the grounds of the Youth Club.

Our clients needed to harness the passion of their work, and package it in an investment presentation. They needed a persuasive story to appeal to both the head and heart.

This was about so much more than a building. It was about securing the future of a place where young people feel safe.

The inspiration.

Hero the people, personalities and passion in a PowerPoint.

Community and charity are a fundamental part of our core value of ‘Family’. So, when we get a chance to flex our creative muscles for a good cause, we jump at it. Our team of specialist presentation designers couldn’t wait to get their hands on this investment presentation project.

Harnessing the power of a story.

Finding the passion and emotion in this story was one of the easier tasks we’ve faced at Buffalo 7. We knew we had to get to the heart of why WHYC matters, if our client was to stand out in a room of non-profits. And, of course, emerge victorious from this investor presentation.

Lauren Garforth
Senior Creative Storyteller, Buffalo 7

For the story, we focused on the community, and how the Youth Club sits at its core. We told the stories of the real people whose lives had changed, thanks to the hard work and good hearts of the people behind the building. And how this positive impact would disappear, if the organisation couldn’t raise the funds to continue.

Lauren Garforth
Senior Creative Storyteller, Buffalo 7

Smiling through adversity.

We injected this investor presentation with a vibrant, positive tone to reflect how they lift the spirits of local kids. And, in turn, to inspire donors to do the same. And we reflected this vibrancy in the visuals, making heroes of the children who had been given a chance at a brighter future, thanks to this incredible organisation.

Paul Buckley
Senior Designer, Buffalo 7

Helping secure the future of young people.

The graphical elements and cut-out imagery that the design team created gave me a wealth of animation options to explore. The team at Westminster House have such a positive outlook and are so focused on propelling the organisation forward. We decided to use this journey as the inspiration for the animation. The bold lines move from left to right, and signal a continuation of the story, making the audience anticipate what’s coming next.

Jaz Isherwood
Presentation Experience Specialist,
Buffalo 7

Challenging preconceptions

of how charities communicate.

You have responded to what we need and been very flexible and patient with any changes we suggested. But you have also put Buffalo 7’s expertise to good use by making us think about including sections that we would never have considered. You have all worked extremely hard and we are very impressed by the content! It's incredibly comprehensive.

Katie Worthington (MBE)
Director, Westminster House Youth Club

We did this too.

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