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Your pitch deck designers

Buffalo 7 creates world-class pitch decks to get your messages heard.

No two pitch decks are the same. Or, at least, they shouldn’t be. Whatever you’re pitching, you need to capture your audience’s attention with a strong narrative, back your ideas up with beautiful data visualisation, and use eye-catching presentation design to stand out from the crowd.

Our pitch deck designers work with you to understand your brand, your ideas and your requirements. So that we can create a bespoke look and feel that will leave your audience with no doubt as to whose presentation it was that blew them away.

Premium, slick and stylish, our pitch decks are designed to support your messaging, not distract from it.

We're extraordinary pitch deck designers

Our portfolio of pitch deck design services and solutions has attracted some of the world’s biggest brands. And recognition from some of the industry’s esteemed award organisations. Our dedication to innovation secured us the title of Creative Industries Business of the Year at the Amazon Growing Business Awards.

In as little as 30 minutes, we’ll review your existing presentation material, then take an in-depth look at your challenges and what’s preventing you from reaching your goals.

Let us show you how we can transform your presentations to engage your audiences with discovery-led storytelling, stunning design and dynamic animation.

Drink in our awesome presentations

This video shows what our clients sent us and what we created for them in PowerPoint.

“Our presentation stood out as the best part, and presentation, of the day! The Rockstar section was the talk of the conference, with everyone asking our contact where they'd gone to produce that. Making noise at these events is how the individual brands cut through to the group heads and get more support and confidence where they need it.”
Gordon Donald
Senior Sponsorship and Promotions Manager

Tell us about your project

Just because we’ve seen it all when it comes to presentations, it doesn’t mean we deliver the same solutions. While there are commonalities in what our clients need, every presentation design project presents its own set of challenges, ideas and solutions.

We strive to create incredible experiences for your audience. Experiences that excite people, encourage conversations and ultimately, make your investment worthwhile.

“Buffalo 7 are a great team to work with. They’ve helped our business to grow by enhancing and shaping the way that we communicate through fantastic business presentations. The team are proactive, creative and organised. I highly recommend Buffalo 7 to anyone looking to elevate their communications and take their business presentations to the next level.”
Stephanie Malham
Chief Operating Officer

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Buffalo 7 is a presentation design agency that creates premium communications content for brands around the world.