Buffalo 7 makes the shortlist for Inspired Spaces North 2018

Inspiring stuff – Buffalo 7 makes the shortlist for Inspired Spaces North 2018

We take our working environment very seriously, which is why we’re happy to announce that our Manchester office has reached the shortlist of the Inspired Spaces North 2018. The annual award, organised by Prolific North and Active Profile, celebrates innovative and creative working spaces across the north of England.

celebrating Inspired Spaces shortlist

A panel of judges included our Treehouse Suite office in central Manchester in the final shortlist of 22, drawn from hundreds of hopeful entrants. It will now be up to a public vote to decide on the winner, with Prolific North showcasing all the finalists on their website during September and October. Keep an eye out for us.

Buffalo 7 The Treehouse Suite

We wanted to create an office space based on the people who inhabit it, so all design decisions were made with this in mind. As we are a creative agency, having lots of different areas for collaboration was of paramount importance, and we’ve merged the old feel of the original building with some great new technology in each space, making a truly unique place to both work and relax.

“We built our Jerusalem on our own from the ground up – and we’re not done yet,” explains Richard Barnes, Managing Director. “To be recognised for creating an inspiring place to make the magic happen is an awesome feeling. Gotta love them Buffs.”

The office up is split up into zones, with each creating a different experience for those that inhabit it, something our interior designers Jolie Studio call ‘Sensory Zoning’. These zones use colour, fragrance, texture, lighting and the strategic placement of plants. We think it’s dead nice.

The winning space will be announced at a special event later in the year, so watch this space for more news. And, obviously, we’d really appreciate your vote.

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