Drink Talk Learn (DTL): The rules to the PowerPoint drinking game

Drink Talk Learn (DTL): The rules to the PowerPoint presentation drinking game

When a PowerPoint presentation drinking game goes viral it pricks your attention. Well, when you’re a presentation design agency it does anyway.

On Tuesday 16th January Buzzfeed reported on the PowerPoint presentation party that was going viral on Twitter. Each guest was to deliver a 3 minute presentation on something they were passionate about. Michal won with her presentation on the anti-hero Shadow the Hedgehog from the Sonic the Hedgehog video game series.

We were grabbed by the creativity and thought that’s gone into the now sensation that is Drink Talk Learn (DTL). Michal posted the rules of the game and, feeling inspired, (and when she had a bit of downtime) Senior Designer Hannah Tyson created this infographic…..

Drink Talk Learn PowerPoint Presentation Infographic

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