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Cortextual Healing art event is good for your mental health

One in four of us will experience some form of mental health issue this year alone. Last year, Manchester Mind, a local mental health charity with which Buffalo 7 has partnered, helped more than 5000 people in the city combat their problems through direct help, education, information and training. The work they do is invaluable, which is why we’re proud to once again run a fundraising event in their name (and nobody will get punched this time).

Cortextual Healing is an art show featuring the works of the talented and creative designers of Buffalo 7, a PowerPoint and presentation design agency based in the heart of Manchester. Taking place on 13th November, 6-10pm at The Foundation Coffee House on Manchester’s Lever Street, the brief for the show was simply ‘Mental Health’, resulting in a varied and fascinating mix of pieces, all of which are for sale on the night as prints.


A great cause

As well as buying the individually numbered and signed limited prints, art fans can also purchase postcards of the work on show, making great keepsakes for what will no doubt be a wonderful night in aid of a great cause. All funds raised will go to Manchester Mind, who are dependent entirely on generous donations to fund the excellent work that is so badly needed.

As well as raising the cash, the goal of the exhibition is that people identify with the work our designers have produced. We want to amplify the voice of people struggling with their mental health, and further the discussion about mental issues. Manchester Mind does such incredible things for everyone in the city, and it can do so with you support.

So, please pay us a visit, have a drink, chat to the artists, and buy an exclusive print to help support the good mental health of fellow Mancunians.

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