Four of the weirdest sports sponsorship deals.

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Although sports sponsorship has long been seen as important, it has more recently become pivotal in ensuring the continued success of major sports leagues, teams and events. For the sponsors, they can not only enjoy the financial benefits of greater brand exposure but can boast of a unique marketing mix superior to that of their competitors.

Weird Sports Sponsorship Deals

Recognised by a broad range of businesses, these benefits mean that a number of sports sponsorship deals appear a little out of place. Here are four of the weirdest current sponsorship deals from around the world.

Séché Environnement

With the Tour de France having made a recent return to the UK for its Grand Départ, our list would not have been complete without the inclusion of a cycling team. Séché Environnement is a joint sponsor of the French team Bretagne-Séché Environnement, but what is a waste treatment company doing sponsoring a professional cycling team? While the partnership may appear out of place, since both the team and the company are benefiting from the arrangement why should either party withdraw its support for the other?

King Power

Achieving automatic promotion from the Championship to the Premiership at the end of last season, Leicester City Football Club might have one of the most seemingly obscure sponsorship deals in the football league. King Power is a duty free shopping chain in Thailand, the owner of which acquired the club in 2010 before renaming the ground the King Power Stadium. Although King Power might not yet be well known as a brand here in the UK, this successful sponsorship deal is certainly a valuable addition to Leicester City’s marketing mix.


Incredibly, Martini has been either sponsored or joint sponsored the now Williams Martini Racing team for a cumulative 46 years. Although Ian Fleming’s James Bond did an admirable job at transforming fortified wine into a macho drink, Martini seems a surprising choice of sponsor for a sport such as Formula 1. Yet despite this, the Williams Martini livery is absolutely unmistakable, and furthermore, remains an invaluable part of the sport to a great many people.

Kansai Paint

When teams become the most well known and widely supported in their respective sports, such as Manchester United in the English Premier League, one or two or even a handful of sponsors just aren’t enough. Among a number of other highly unusual sponsors, Kansai Paint is Manchester United’s official paint partner. No matter how small the role may be for a sponsor, if the team has an international following then being in partnership is of great value. The club also has an official tyre partner, timekeeping partner and unique telecommunications partners for countries as small as Benin and Bahrain.

Evidently, sports sponsorship deals do not have to be relevant to the sport itself for the partnership to be mutually beneficial. However, it is always important that the brand is bold and visually appealing. With an impressive range of customers, Buffalo7 is uniquely placed to help your business make an impactful and memorable first impression through excellent PowerPoint design.


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