Buffalo 7 hides 7 buffalos. Can you spot them?

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To celebrate the opening of our swish new London office, we’ve decided to carefully hide seven whole buffalos at famous sites around the capital city. However, before you start drafting a letter of complaint to your local MP, sick of these trendy Powerpoint design agencies recklessly leaving herds of livestock about the place, calm down… it’s just a puzzle.

Fire up that special part of your brain you use exclusively for Where’s Wally books and try to spot all seven buffalos hidden in the picture below. No pressure, but on average it took the team at Buffalo 7 about 30 seconds to spot them all.

Buffalo 7 hide 7 buffalos in London

How’d you do? If you’re struggling, check out the clues below. If you nailed it, celebrate by finding out more about what Buffalo 7 does and how we could help you dominate the presentation world.

Or hide buffalos. Whatever.


Clues (it’s okay, there’s no shame):

*Phone box *Cab *Queen’s Guard *Eye *Bridge *Palace *Bus.


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