Event: Improve your presentation skills over breakfast.

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Presentation skills are something nearly all of us will need at some point in our career, yet very few of us receive any formal training in this area.

Guess what? We’re here to help. We’re good like that.

On Tuesday 20th February we will be hosting a presentation skills breakfast in Manchester City Centre. Come along. It’s free. And we’ll even feed you. You like breakfast right?

The event will take place between 8am and 10am at Neo (Bruntwood Building) on Charlotte Street.

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Attendees will take home actionable steps to liven up their presentations, hone their message and improve their delivery.


The line-up

Chris Tomlin (Head of Storytelling) – The power of storytelling
Chris will explore the power of storytelling. Presentations full of dry data can result in the dreaded Death By Powerpoint. But when you know how to frame it into a captivating narrative, people sit up and notice. Attendees will learn how to identify their own key messages and craft them into compelling stories to engage their audience.

Liz Booth (Senior Developer) – PowerPoint’s best-kept secrets
PowerPoint is one of the most-used pieces of software in the world. But how many people really know how to get the best out of this amazing tool? Attendees will learn industry secrets from the experts and discover just what Microsoft PowerPoint is capable of so that they can create their own incredible presentations.

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Work Can wait

Put off writing that email just a little longer.
Send your incoming calls to voicemail.
Put your feet up, grab a brew and explore more presentation
insight in the Buffalo 7 Library

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