Five tips on pitching for sports sponsorship.

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Sports sponsorship is a unique service, and one that many companies are beginning to see the value of. However, increased interest means that the market is becoming increasingly competitive – with numerous organisations attempting to sell similar products.

Pitching Sports Sponsorship

If you’re pitching sports sponsorship to high-profile clients, you need to ensure that your pitch is as slick and professional as can be. Take a look at these five tips from the PowerPoint presentation design agency for pitching sports sponsorship and make more sales in future.

Consider Your Audience

When constructing a pitch and designing an accompanying customised sales presentation, it’s easy to fall into the trap of forgetting who you’re pitching to. There’s a good chance that your audience doesn’t share your passion for sport, and if you make a sports-centric pitch you risk alienating the audience entirely. Your potential client sees sports sponsorship as a lucrative marketing opportunity, and your PowerPoint design should reflect that. Push the merits of exposure, talk up the diversity of your fans or viewers and always link the opportunity back to the client’s brand.

Remember: You’re Selling a Product

Similarly, it’s important to consider that you’re selling a product rather than a hobby or a lifestyle. Sports sponsorship offers clients the opportunity to get their brand out there in a unique way – potentially exposing it many thousands of ardent supporters both locally and worldwide. Maybe images of players, stadia or vehicles get you excited about your sport, but your clients are more likely to respond to images of fans, TV audiences and branding opportunities.

Keep Branding Consistent

Your clients aren’t just interested in muscling in on your supporters or viewers, however – they may also wish to align themselves with your brand. You might represent a club, an organisation or a broadcaster, and if so your brand will have an image and reputation all of its own. Remember to maintain branding consistency throughout your presentation design, including the use of brand colours and logos. The more thorough and consistent your branding, the more your potential clients will be reminded of your brand’s reputation and image.

Emote and Evoke

We mentioned before that sports sponsorship is unique – few other marketing opportunities can let clients get close to moments of high drama and genuine emotion. What glorious moments has your organisation been associated with in the past? Do you have a storied history or a dramatic recent encounter to draw upon? Have you broadcast some epic matches in recent years, or did your team lift a trophy last season? These moments of high drama are what sports sponsorship thrives upon, and they have the power to win potential clients over to your cause. Include them in your presentation design efforts.


Companies in the market for sports sponsorship have options – your presentation is unlikely to be the only one a potential client will see before making a decision. With that in mind, it’s crucial that your brand stands out above the rest. This calls for an innovative approach. Strong presentation visuals make an impact on your audience – as does innovative presentation design. It’s not always easy to achieve these ambitions yourself, however – and that’s where we come in. Buffalo 7 is a PowerPoint design agency with experience helping some of the world’s biggest brands pitch sports sponsorship. We’re capable of turning heads, making an impact and sticking in the minds of your potential clients. If you have sports sponsorship opportunities to sell and want to attract the best clients, contact us today.

Buffalo7 is a dedicated PowerPoint presentation design agency offering a premium presentation design service. It’s our passion and why we exist, so stay tuned to our blog for professional presentation tips.


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