10 free PowerPoint resources.

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Make your next presentation your best yet with a little help from these free PowerPoint resources.

The secret to acing your next presentation? Why, it’s you. It’s all about you, you public speaking rockstar. You PowerPoint ninja. You oratory deity – you’re the reason why your next presentation will be the talk of the boardroom and the cause of your pay rise.

You’ll be the one receiving the plaudits and basking in the compliments, and yet little do they know that you owe it all to an article you found on the internet entitled 10 Free PowerPoint Resources That Will Improve Your Presentations. Seriously, the following 700 words contain everything you need to elevate your next presentation to a stratospheric level that other mortals could never hope to match. Save these links, take these words to heart and then use them to advance your career. It’s the only way to get ahead in this game we call life.

Indispensable Free PowerPoint Resources

Before we proceed, we’re not going to claim that every last one of these resources will be new to you. But we’ll wager that at least half of them will. What’s more, we’ll wager that all 10, when combined, will turn even the humblest of presentations into something extraordinary. Think of each one as a Horcrux with the power to defeat the forces of evil and rid the world of drab slideshows in one fell swoop.


Canva is an awesome graphic design tool that’s great for creating social media banners, marketing materials, PowerPoint graphics and much more. It enables novices to create Photoshop-quality graphics without getting their hands dirty. Canva’s simple tutorials will guide you through the basics of using their powerful online software. One of its best uses for PowerPoint is in creating gorgeous charts and graphs. When you’ve started a new design in Canva, you’ll find this option under Elements > Charts.


Tired of dull stock photos? Aren’t we all. Unsplash is filled with beautiful high-res photos that your audience won’t have seen 100 times before. Do everyone a favour and download a selection to grace your next presentation. Unsplash can’t compete with the number of images to be found on mainstream stock photo sites, but then it doesn’t have to. A slideshow that’s enhanced with a handful of striking images will trump one that’s stuffed with generic photos.

Death to the Stock Photo

In a similar vein, Death to the Stock Photo is a great resource for anyone who’s tired of scrolling through endless pages of Shutterstock. You can’t exactly browse DttSP – instead it emails you a carefully curated image collection each month. More often than not though you’ll find some cracking pictures in there that deserve pride of place in your next presentation.

Font Pair

We recently dispensed some general advice on choosing fonts for your business presentations. A useful resource for determining which fonts complement one another and which clash is Font Pair. It’s stocked with perfect pairings that go together like Ren and Stimpy; fish and chips; Jägerbombs and regret.

Multicolr Search Lab

TinEye are best known for their reverse image search tool which can be used to source stock photos for free (though we didn’t tell you that). They’re also the creators of Multicolr Search Lab, an esoteric but mighty clever piece of software that will extract Creative Commons images from Flickr based on colour. In practice, this means you can select a colour that corresponds with your PowerPoint background or font and then find free images that perfectly match that shade. Neat.


PowerPoint templates are like Ant & Dec: nice but overused. They keep cropping up everywhere. Stand out from the crowd by choosing a PowerPoint template that hasn’t been done to death. All PPT has a good selection that you can download and customise. Alternatively, you could go for something completely bespoke and contact a PowerPoint presentation design agency. 😉


Pexels is best known as a free stock image gallery, but did you know that it also supplies free stock videos? Download one, insert it into your PowerPoint presentation and – hey presto – you’ve got yourself one epic looking slideshow. On a similar tip, Videvo and Vidsplay are two free resources that also kick ass. Or, for something a little different, try using one of these cool time lapse videos.


Freepik is stocked to the brim with vectors, icons and other graphics that will elevate even the humblest of presentations into something special. Browse. Download. Love.

TED Talks

It doesn’t matter how amazing your slideshow looks if your presenting skills suck. Check out the top 20 TED talks of all time and get inspired.

10 amazing free PowerPoint presentation resources that are all yours. Go ahead. Don’t say we’re not good to you.

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