Six reasons PowerPoint still leads the field.

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We’re a presentation agency that uses PowerPoint – and we’re proud of it. Microsoft’s presentation software may be the grandfather of its clan, but it’s lost none of its utility down the years.

If you associate PowerPoint presentations with nap-time or consider yourself a victim of death by PowerPoint, then listen carefully and we’ll persuade you as to why this venerable software still rules the roost.


#1: Familiarity

Many of today’s twenty-somethings have been using PowerPoint since they were in primary school. We know how it works. We’re all familiar with its interface and how to assemble a basic presentation. This is particularly useful for us. We’ll happily create you a fantastic PowerPoint presentation that we know will be a success, but we also want your feedback on our efforts. It’s far easier for this process to work if both parties are familiar with the software.


#2: Accessibility

Prezi hasn’t just been criticised for the motion sickness that it can induce if misused – it’s also not the most accessible piece of software. Screen readers can’t read Prezis. A transcript is provided, but this may be poorly structured. You’ll probably have to reproduce the presentation content in an alternative format in order to ensure it’s accessible to all. PowerPoint is far more accessible, and Microsoft continues to make improvements in this area. Alt text can be assigned to images so that they can be read by screen readers. The software even contains a built-in accessibility checker to ensure that content is readable.

#3: Simplicity

At first glance, PowerPoint is simple. If you don’t dig deep into PowerPoint, you won’t encounter complex animations or other advanced visual features. Instead, you’ll find that you’ve produced a presentation that’s simple. This simplicity means that the presentation will be led by the speaker – your audience won’t be distracted by animations and constant movement. Your presentation software should be a prop, not a script or a distraction.


#4: Hidden secrets

Despite its apparent simplicity, there are plenty of ways to make your PowerPoint presentations more complex and visually appealing. A PowerPoint agency can help you eke out every secret feature hidden away in the software. It’s far more capable than you might think.


#5: SlideShare integration

SlideShare is the largest specialist presentation hosting service on the web, and it’s designed to host linear presentations such as those created with PowerPoint. You can find a whole new audience for your presentations through SlideShare – potentially a hugely valuable audience.


#6: Design Options

PowerPoint’s built-in design options are almost endless. You could spend months tinkering with slide backgrounds, fonts, images, and other visual elements – if you were so inclined.

Overall, we believe that death by PowerPoint is a result of the content of the presentation (and the ability of the speaker!) rather than the software itself. If you’re still doubtful about the potential of PowerPoint, contact Buffalo 7 and we’ll show you!


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