Michelle Sussams

Creative Director

I spend my downtime frequenting design events, gardening, drinking tea and keeping up to speed with industry trends.

I’ve got a strong advertising background, acquiring 12 years of experience doing a bit of everything: art directing, graphic design, conceptual, digital, and print work, both B2B and B2C. From the energy industry to supermarkets, I did a variety of work for a real spectrum of clients, before settling on design as my calling.

Now, I’m proud to be Buffalo 7’s Creative Director. I work on the front line of all our design work, supporting and guiding the studio throughout the entire creative process. It’s up to me to lead the creatives, make sure we’re inspired and striving to the push boundaries of PowerPoint.

My job focuses on the quality of the output. We meet our clients’ needs, but we don’t do the expected. I help our designers take their work to the next level, and I challenge them to be forward-thinking, adventurous and dynamic with their designs. I evaluate the final output of the agency to ensure every element of the presentation ticks all the right boxes, and maintains the high standard we’re known for.

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