Elisabeth Booth

Senior Developer

Gig and festival goer, yoga enthusiast and art lover. Catch me making nifty craft stuff with my mates, going to art galleries and exhibitions or getting nude as life model. If I could encourage people to do anything, it would be to go to Glastonbury or be a life model.

At Buffalo 7, I’m a Senior Developer who plans departmental work, checks the work of other devs, and helps them out if they need it. I love supporting the team and the entire creative process: from solving problems, to creating a polished presentation. I also organise our social calendar, and I’m always on the lookout for fun things to do around Manc.

Before Buffalo 7 I worked in the Tate gallery in Liverpool, as a young person’s educator. Also worked in a high school as an art teacher. Before that, I got a degree in Fine Art at Manchester School of Art.

Three interesting facts about Elisabeth...

Had a piece of artwork up at Tate.
I never just sneeze once.
I’ve got a pet tortoise.

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