Chris Tomlin

Communications Director

I like to live life loud. Cranking up my guitar, bashing on my drums or hooking up with some mates to skank to some heavy dub, I like the volume up.

But, I’m getting on a bit now, and with a young family, I can appreciate a bit of quiet time too. I’ll never turn down the chance to read a book, dominate some n00bs online, go for a long cycle or settle into some Netflix.

My background is in language: studying English at the University of Liverpool, before settling into a copywriter role. Prior to joining Buffalo 7, I freelanced for a few years, in all forms of copywriting, bagging clients like the BBC, AstraZeneca, Sage and Tata Chemicals.

I represent the start of the creative process. Meeting new clients and understanding their culture, requirements, and audiences, I develop their messages to tell compelling stories.

Everyone has a story. Every company is unique. The trick is working with them and finding their voice to fully engage their audience and make connections. And for me, that’s what makes this role so much fun.

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