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What we're passionate about

Our agency has the 'can-do' culture that is a must for any client work. We're not afraid of challenges and we don't want to stand still. What makes us different is that we tackle PowerPoint like any other design work.

For a lot of people, PowerPoint has become a scape goat. An excuse for dull, uninspired presentations. But we're the authority in planning, designing and building slides that communicate effectively and beautifully.

We're technical experts with the software, but it's our design skills that makes our presentations awesome. Clients regularly ask if it's even PowerPoint that we've created for them, which is a huge compliment for us.

What our staff think

We're a family. Not only do we enjoy coming into work, but we look forward to working with each other in different teams on different projects. We all tackle projects together, and because the projects are so diverse, it keeps it interesting.

Jasmin Isherwood
Senior Developer

I like the fact that the creatives get to work directly with the clients. I enjoy meeting new people and working together as a team to create a beautiful and functional solution for our clients. We work with a wide variety of different clients and every day is different from the last, which is enjoyable and rewarding.

Michelle Sussams
Creative Director

We genuinely believe in the power of what we do so it's really easy to be passionate about it. To see the work the studio creates, to deliver a solution to challenge what they have, and see it delivering against their objectives is truly rewarding.

Gary Corrin
Client Services Director

Think you have what it takes?

We're looking for confident, creative and passionate people to work in our fast-paced and fun Manchester City Centre office.

No matter what the role is, everyone works with everyone, teams mix and match and we all have a voice.

What we're looking for

At present we're not actively recruiting, but don't let that stop you. We'll be on the lookout again soon enough, so please send us your CV and covering letter.

We'll keep you in mind if a job becomes available that matches your skillset.

Let’s work together

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Buffalo 7 is a presentation design agency that creates premium communications content for brands around the world.