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How to Quickly Reduce PowerPoint File Size

If your presentation takes forever to load, suffers from sluggish animation and transitions, and keeps crashing unexpectedly, then inflated PowerPoint file size could be the problem.

File size is something that’s often overlooked by everyday users, but which can cause a plethora of issues when presenting. It’s something that must be paid attention, especially in larger presentations the contain a good amount of visual assets. Each image that you insert into your presentation will increase the overall size of the PowerPoint project file, since it is holding all that additional data.

Luckily, there’s a quick and simple fix that will solve these problems and ensure your PowerPoint presentation is lean and responsive. Our presentation designer Steph talked us through the process of compressing images to reduce PowerPoint file size – find out how to achieve this below.

Reduce PowerPoint File Size by Compressing Images

To compress images in PowerPoint, first select one or multiple (shift+click) Pictures in your presentation. The Picture Format tab should then appear in the main PowerPoint ribbon. Navigate to it and select the Compress Pictures option:

reduce powerpoint file size compress images

You’ll then be met with a dialogue box and a number of options. To compress all the files in your presentation, deselect the ‘Apply only to this picture’ option.

In order protect the integrity of your images so they can be edited later, you’ll probably also want to deselect the ‘Delete cropped areas of pictures’ option – as this would delete the data for parts of the images that can’t be seen on the slide (for example, where they’ve been inserted into placeholders of different sizes/shapes or cropped down).

compress images in powerpoint

You’ll also be asked what resolution you want to compress your images down to. If you’re going be presenting from a high-definition screen, the 330ppi option is best. We generally recommend not going any lower than 220ppi so that your images look good across multiple format and your presentation can still be printed if need be; you’ll retain this flexibility while still crunching down a good amount of file size in the compression process.

A Presentation Designer’s View

According to our presentation designer Steph, “Keeping a handle on file size is extremely important for PowerPoint decks that will be used in multiple different presentation scenarios.

“Take a face-to-face sales presentation, for example: although it might work smoothly on your computer, you’re introducing a whole host of other variables when taking it out to prospects and clients.”

As Steph notes, using a bloated presentation across a range of set-ups and potentially less powerful machines is a recipe for disaster. Arriving at a client’s office and wasting time trying to get your PowerPoint working is a bad look – so file size is something you’ll definitely want to keep a firm handle on.

Compression of images in larger presentations is also important if you want to share slides with colleagues, as most email providers will even fail to attach files over a certain size threshold.

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