Why your company needs a branded PowerPoint template

For the uninitiated, a PowerPoint template is a sort of blueprint you can use to create presentations more easily. It helps you to achieve uniform design and formatting by prescribing layouts, visuals, fonts, colours, logos, data visualisation formats – even animation and transition styles.

You create templates directly within PowerPoint, and there are good reasons to have one deployed across your organisation.

Advantages of Branded PowerPoint Templates

Presentations are an incredibly important business tool. They’re a piece of collateral that needs to perform at critical face-to-face moments such as meeting with prospects and communicating with key stakeholders. In this respect, they’re as important as your company’s website or other marketing materials, and should be equally high-quality and impactful.

Just as in other company communications, you’ll want to put your best foot forward with regard to visuals and messaging. A robust branded PowerPoint template helps everyone in your organisation do exactly that: it ensures opportunities aren’t dashed by poorly formatted, lacklustre presentations.

So, let’s dive deeper into the advantages of investing in one.

Faster, More Efficient Presentation Creation

Branded templates are put together within PowerPoint just like regular presentations, but they’re saved out as a different file format (.potx). The resulting product is a pre-packaged, customisable tool in which the design and branding work has already been taken care of.

Users can employ the template to build their own presentations. Instead of starting from scratch every time they need to put something together, staff can pick from a selection of premade slide layouts to build upon. They can insert their content and imagery into the appropriate placeholders and, once they’re finished, save their competed presentations out as regular ready-to-go .pptx or .ppsx files.

What this means is a greatly reduced time and financial cost for your department and company at large. With a branded presentation template in place, you can quickly turn around presentations to meet tight deadlines and staff are freed up to focus on the really important stuff.

branded powerpoint template creation

Maintain Brand Consistency Across Your Teams

Does the thought of less design-conscious staff within your organisation throwing brand guidelines to the wind keep you up at night? It’s scary to think about what kinds of poorly conceived, brand-defacing slides the regional sales teams are putting in front of valuable prospects.

Luckily, a strongly branded PowerPoint template is the perfect solution to this ‘too many cooks’ problem; it ensures that everyone is singing from the same hymn sheet brand-wise across business functions. A dense set of brand guidelines can potentially confuse and intimidate users, but templates are an easy way of making sure staff are staying on-brand.

Corporate templates make the right brand visuals and assets easily accessible to the staff who should be using them. They act as catalogues of on-brand slides made for different purposes that staff can pick and choose from to complete their presentation decks.

Staff remain free to use the content and imagery accumulated within their teams, but they can simply drop it into pre-built slides that look fantastic and keep everything consistent and neat.

The flexibility offered here is a huge boon for organisations that are constantly producing and delivering presentations. Templates can be edited, copied and customised to suit an incredible number of use cases.

powerpoint template brand consistency


Of course, there will always be those unique scenarios that call for entirely bespoke PowerPoint design solutions.

When you’re looking to accomplish a single, finite objective in the most enthralling and compelling way possible, then a made-to-measure design and messaging solution can’t be beaten.

But a branded PowerPoint template can easily cover those fast-turnaround presentations that your organisation produces as part of its day-to-day operations. It helps to significantly streamline the presentation process and allow you to create presentations with the same frequency, but in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost.

Adaptable PowerPoint templates are an affordable solution for companies who don’t have the requirement for ongoing custom presentation creation. They’re an asset that can be taken forward and built upon – something essential for young businesses looking to grow and increase their market share, as well as more established companies looking to bring their presentation collateral closer in line with their overarching brand identity. It’s a worthwhile long-term asset that expresses and amplifies your brand during important face-to-face communications.

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