Buffalo 7 starts the year with three new promotions

Blue Monday passed us by here at Buffalo 7 HQ.

On Monday 15th January, at our weekly Buffalowdown (our Monday morning meeting where we discuss the week ahead), we announced three promotions and a shift in role for our founder Rich.

Felicity, Hannah and Michelle of Buffalo 7

From left to right: Felicity Chivers (Senior Project Manager), Hannah Tyson (Senior Designer) and Michelle Sussams (Creative Director).

Over the past year or so, due to our quite rapid growth, Rich has had a lot more to do in the general managing of the business. This expanding role has led Rich to step away from the creative process, leaving much of this in the hands of our (former) Head of Creative. Can you see where I’m going?

Michelle Sussams was promoted on Monday 15th January to Creative Director while Rich assumed the position of Managing Director (in truth, a job he has been doing for a while).

Michelle joined Buffalo 7 at the beginning of 2016 as a Senior Designer after acquiring 12 years of experience doing a bit of everything: art directing, graphic design, conceptual, digital, and print work. By the end of 2016, she was made Head of Creative and just over a year later has now assumed the position of Creative Director.

Michelle said: “Becoming Creative Director is an ambition realised. I’ve always been quietly ambitious but I’ve just focused on getting my head down and doing good work. Thankfully the opportunities have followed. As Creative Director, I’ll work on the front line of all our design work, supporting and guiding the studio throughout the entire creative process. It’s up to me to lead the creatives, making sure we’re inspired and striving to the push boundaries of PowerPoint.”

According to The Movement, just 11% of Creative Directors are women and as such, we are proud to be contributing to shifting this figure in the right direction.

With Michelle taking this new role, it left us needing another Senior Designer. After graduating from Shillington design school, Hannah Tyson joined Buffalo 7 in 2014 as our third employee. As well as working tirelessly on behalf our clients, Hannah also takes care of all the internal branding for Buffalo 7. Hannah has now assumed the position of Senior Designer.

Our third promotion of the day came from our Project Management team. As we have taken on more and more client work, we have had to double the number of Project Managers. It’s become necessary to appoint someone to head up this department. It’s pivotal for our future success that the head of department can manage the team now, but also as we continue to grow in numbers. After 2 years with Buffalo 7, Felicity Chivers, became Senior Project Manager.

“My favourite part of my job is the rapport I have and the relationships I have built with our clients. A huge proportion of the work we do is repeat business, and developing these client relationships further is something the project management team will focus on even more now and in the future. I strive to ensure all our projects are delivered on time and budget, and that every client feels a great deal of trust between themselves and their dedicated project manager. I’m looking forward to improving that process in the coming months. ” said Felicity.

Speaking about the 3 promotions, Managing Director Richard Barnes: “It’s fantastic to be able to fill roles that are so pivotal to our future success from within the existing ranks. All 3 of the newly promoted individuals have shown exceptional ability, dedication and commitment to what we’re trying to build at Buffalo 7. Furthermore, the fact that the creative, development and project management teams are now all female led demonstrates that we’re a business free of bias on any grounds other than raw talent.”

With further growth expected, there’ll be plenty more promotion opportunities in the coming months.

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