Buffalo 7 get their first taste of TEDx with OpenMarket | Oisin Lunny

Buffalo 7 get their first taste of TEDx with OpenMarket

OpenMarket have been a great client for Buffalo 7.

As a forward-thinking mobile technology company that helps the world’s biggest brands to reach their customers when it counts, OpenMarket have a powerful story and strong messages that can really be bought to life through the right presentation design. We’d previously produced a top-end sales deck for OpenMarket that was extremely well received, and was proving to be a powerful tool in engaging their international clients.

We like to stay in contact with our clients, and often reconnect to produce additional presentation or materials. We were delighted when OpenMarket came to us to ask for our help in producing the visuals for their upcoming TEDx talk.

TEDx Rapid City

For Buffalo 7, this was a dream come true. In all of our history, we’d never worked on a TEDx presentation before, so the opportunity to turn our hand to a slightly different form was really exciting.

This wasn’t to be a sales deck: no products to highlight, services to explain or company history to dive into.

Instead, Oisin Lunny, Chief Evangelist at OpenMarket, had crafted a simple, elegant and compelling story about empathy, communication and the customer experience. Oisin is an experienced keynote speaker, conference host, MC and moderator who has spoken at over 200 conferences around the world.

We know when to add flashy animation and jaw-dropping transitions to a deck, and agreed that this was not the time. A narrative like this deserved respect, and our slides were there to support Oisin’s story, and not try to outshine him or distract from his talk.

But that’s not to say that the deck we produced wasn’t stunning. Our designers immersed themselves in the presentation journey and developed a look and feel that backed the story up with powerful and beautiful visual impact.

As a TEDx talk it was vital to retain the integrity of the subject matter, and to avoid any commercial associations. So, we utilised beautiful lifestyle images that tell the story of the “Empathetic Interaction” across other OpenMarket channels, but removed all branding. We combined these images with video, data visualisation and subtle transition effects to develop an engaging backdrop for Oisin to talk around.

Oisin’s story starts with the brutal and unforgettable footage of Dr. David Dao getting hauled off a United Airlines plane. He discusses the immediate fallout on social media and how United’s spectacular loss of empathy knocked $1bn off their share prices.

This empathy gap is affecting companies’ bottom lines, as the rise of the mobile device has created ‘the age of the customer’. Now, customers have all of the power. They expect their experiences to be amazing. Every time. Bad experiences with a company simply won’t be tolerated; there is now zero margin for error.

Oisin then brings the story back to the empathy gap he mentioned at the start: if brands can be there for customers when it counts, and continually make their lives better, they receive loyalty in return. And when it comes to brands communicating with their customers, SMS is by far the most effective and empathetic communication method in the world. Oisin then walks through seven key “Empathetic Moments” which any company can use to improve their customer experience, backing up the key points with real-world examples.

It’s a great story: highlighting the importance of the empathetic use of technology in the modern world of customer interaction, and offering powerful solutions for the challenges presented.

And for Buffalo 7, it was an opportunity to get stuck into a slightly different project, demonstrating our credentials as a tour de force at creating awesome presentations for major events.

Watch Oisin’s TEDx talk here:

Oisin Lunny TEDx

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