Presentation design

We’ve been designing presentations since 2009. And while we’re always developing new strategies, helping clients to tell their stories through impactful presentation design is still very much at the forefront of what we do.

We’re the first to take advantage of new tools and trends but, at their core, our concepts are based on using timeless design principles to create visually-stunning presentations.

Presentation design software

Whichever software we use for your presentation, you can be sure it’s the right one for you and your business.

Our studio uses PowerPoint, Prezi, Keynote and Google Slides, and we’re always on the lookout for new, groundbreaking presentation design software to trial.

Each of these programs brings its own benefits, but great design is consistent across all our presentations, regardless of the output. We tackle presentation design in exactly the same way as any other visual medium, and that’s what makes us different.

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Why choose us?


All our presentations are designed to meet our clients’ individual needs. We create bespoke decks, with your brand in mind, every time.


Whatever your presentation challenge, we will find the perfect solution for you. If we don’t already know it, our team of experts are guaranteed to find it.


Meeting expectations isn’t in our remit. Our mission is to wow you with creativity, fresh thinking and cutting-edge design.

Types of presentations

We’ve got years of experience in designing and crafting all types of presentations. Having delivered over 2,000 presentations in our time, there’s nothing we haven’t seen. These are some of the most common types that we regularly deliver.

Investor presentations

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One of our key principles is that there’s no such thing as an unimportant presentation. There are just different ways to tackle different presentations, based on the influence you want to have.

When you’re asking someone to risk giving you vast sums of money, you need to deliver your pitch with real impact.

While statistics and data are important to add credibility to your story, the answer is not to fill your slides with graphs and tables.

Our designers make technical data look beautiful and easy to understand. Complex charts are reimagined to become simple and engaging. We find the message behind the chart and strip out the excess, so that your key points are clear and digestible.

Minimal, razor-sharp design means that your investment pitch is clear, compelling and exudes premium professionalism.

Pitch decks

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No two pitch decks are the same. Or, at least, they shouldn’t be. Whatever you’re pitching, you need to capture your audience’s attention with a strong narrative, back your ideas up with beautiful data visualisation, and use eye-catching design to stand out from the crowd.

Our design team works with you to understand your brand, your ideas and your requirements. So that we can create an bespoke look and feel that will leave your audience with no doubt as to whose presentation it was that blew them away.

Premium, slick and stylish, our pitch decks are designed to support your messaging, not distract from it.

Product presentations

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You’ve worked tirelessly to develop your new product, and your launch presentation is the first opportunity to shout about it. The slides you use should be breathtaking, with a focus on communicating the benefits of your product, and how it will change your audience’s lives.

Our team will work to highlight the key features and benefits of your new product, create a design that allows them to shine as the star of the presentation, and show it in the best light.

Product catalogues

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When you have a full catalogue of products, searching through hundreds of printed pages to find the relevant solution for your audience can be time consuming and feel unpolished.

When your clients need to have your full catalogue at their digital fingertips, we can create fully-interactive, navigable and searchable PowerPoint decks, with pop-up windows for further information, meaning you can show them as much or as little as you need.

Conference and keynote presentations

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Whether you’ve never presented at a conference before, or you’re a seasoned keynote speaker, it’s essential to have a professionally-designed deck behind you.

You need a presentation that grabs your audience’s attention and inspires them. Slides that support your messages, follow your themes and narrative, and highlight the key benefits for your audience.

A great speech can be undermined by a poorly-designed, unreliable presentation, so our designers develop bespoke visuals to support your every word.

Finance presentations

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Let’s face it: financial presentations can be mind-numbingly boring to look at. Even if the figures are telling a great story, slide after slide of charts and graphs can punish your audience’s eyes and patience.

But take that same raw data and apply beautiful design to it, and you’ve got an engaging presentation that can be incredibly inspiring.

Finance presentations are so important - our designers focus on visualising the key data in clear, exciting ways to ensure nothing is lost, especially your audience’s attention.

Credentials deck

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Credentials decks are all about making an impression, and showcasing the work that you are most proud of. When your previous achievements are the hero of the story, it helps to have a beautifully-designed deck of slides to show them off in their best light.

Just saying you’re the best at what you do isn’t enough, you need to show your audience. Slides that are crammed with clip art, stock images and a load of cheesy animations are not the most effective way to convince them of your credibility.

But that’s where design comes into the picture. Bring some finesse to the table, add a flourish of carefully-chosen animation and, suddenly, your credentials deck can be taken seriously.

Marketing presentations

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Whether you’re looking to increase brand awareness, acquire new business or generate leads, the right marketing presentation can put you in a strong position. Convincing others that you’re the best in the business can be tricky, but it’s a lot less stressful when your slides do the talking.

Picture your company messages brought to life through design and animation, flowing as a cohesive, engaging story. Even though you’re there to sell, your agenda will be woven into an intricately-designed deck that subtly drives your marketing messages home.

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