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We’re happy to work with most presentation programs. At the end of the day, great design is great design, and a great designer should be able to use any program. However, 90% of the work we do is in PowerPoint.

It’s our software of choice because it gives us all the tools we need to blow people away, and it’s easy for our clients to both access and use. Accessibility and ease of use are the defining hallmarks of PowerPoint, but it’s not the only reason we favour this brilliant program.

PowerPoint has been in the presentation game for a long time, and when you compare platforms, it emerges as a clear winner. There are no features that other presentation programs are offering that can’t be replicated (and then some) in PowerPoint, and there’s no idea that you can’t bring to life using this software. You’re bound only by your creativity.

PowerPoint template design

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While we’re more than happy to design one-off presentations, some clients are looking for a longer-term solution. We are dedicated to providing our clients with all the assets they’ll need to create their own breathtaking presentations in the future.

Creating an on-brand template will give your team the flexibility to create their own presentations, without you having to worry that the brand will get distorted or removed entirely.

Templates can be as editable or as restricted as you like. We can make sure your team can’t move or stretch your logo, while still allowing them to adjust text sizes or change the colour of shapes. Just let us know what should be editable, and we’ll do the rest. Your template, your choice.

PowerPoint template user guide

PowerPoint template user guide icon

To make it easy for you to get to grips with your shiny new PowerPoint template, we can also equip you with a bespoke user guide. This will tell you everything you need to know about your template, from installation to more advanced tips and tricks. Your user guide will serve as your reference point for whenever you have a PowerPoint query, making sure you know how to get the best out of your template.

PowerPoint asset decks and image libraries

PowerPoint asset decks and image libraries icon

As well as a template, we can also supply you with a custom image library and asset deck.

Your asset deck will keep every icon, chart and graph you’ll ever need in one place, to ensure that creating new decks is as easy as possible for you and your team.

Image libraries are a one-stop shop for your carefully-curated presentation imagery. We optimise the size, crop and position of each image before adding it to the library, so that all you need to do is copy and paste it into your next presentation.

You’ll never have to slog through Google images or use mismatched icons again. Everything in an asset deck or image library has been signed off: the colours, fonts, icons, shapes, graphs and photography styles. The settings have already been configured so all the assets are perfectly rendered for your business.

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