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We have incredible motion design capabilities that will take your presentations to the next level, comprising graphic design, colour theory, animation, typography, 3D modelling and pure creativity.

Motion design is all about animation. But not just PowerPoint animations - our developers have already got that well in hand.

Instead, think premium film, video, moving graphics and visualisations. Designers create static images, but motion design renders images that move spectacularly to make a powerful impact.

If you’ve seen graphic design merged with 3D animation in film, TV or ads, then you’ve seen motion design - and we can create bespoke animation to give your presentations that bleeding-edge look and feel.


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Motion design helps convey your concepts with finesse and sophistication, especially if they’re hard to communicate. Not only is animation impressive to look at, it makes your ideas memorable and enticing.

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Presentations can sometimes come to a grinding halt if you’re trying to explain a complex concept verbally. By breaking the idea down into manageable sections, visually illustrating each part, and showing connections through animation, you can keep things running smoothly, while ensuring your messages are understood.

For the optimum visual impact in your presentation, motion design is a no brainer.


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Our motion design service creates motion graphics that capture your brand’s personality - whether it’s playful or professional. We can shoot fresh footage, add graphics to enhance and illustrate the story, and even include a professional voiceover that is perfectly synced to the action on screen. However, we are just as happy to edit, enhance and utilise the content you give us.

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Motion is just another cool dimension of design that you can tap into, so why not talk to Buffalo 7 about adding professional motion design into your next presentation?

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