Public speaking

Public speaking tips for professional presentations

We’re here to give you help with a professional presentation, if you’ve ever watched TED Talks, you may have seen the speaker named Simon Sinek. He is known for his expertise on leadership and has had over 22 million views of his videos.

Public Speaking Tips

Surprisingly, Sinek is an introvert and that is not something that you’ll find most inspirational speakers being classified as. In fact, to get to that point he had to work tirelessly to erase his fears and practice, practice and practice to overcome the challenges of public speaking.

Here’s what he says on what he’s learned about delivering captivating and engaging presentations and public speaking, giving you the advice to deliver a professional presentation.

You might even want to check out his addition to Skillshare now. It’s titled How to Present: Share Ideas That Inspire Action.

1. Take Your Time

Sinek suggests that nobody should talk as soon as they get onto the stage. Doing so communicates fear and a touch of insecurity. The best approach is to walk onto the stage, Find your place and take a deep breath. Give yourself a few seconds to compose yourself, then start. You’ll feel confident and be in control of the situation.

2. Show Up to Give, Not Take

Too often people deliver presentations in order to receive something from the experience. However, performing in order to give keeps people far more engaged with what we are saying and with us. The audience can tell whether somebody is a person who gives or takes, they like givers as they feel inspired by them.

3. Make Eye Contact, One by One

Although scanning the audience may give you the impression that you are connecting with everybody in the room, it can actually result in a disconnect. This is one of the classic public speaking tips, but it’s no less effective: look directly at certain members of the audience in the eye as you are speaking. Stay with them for the complete sentence or even just a small concept, without looking away. Once your sentence is complete, then you can move onto another person.

4. Speak Slowly

If you’re suffering from presentation anxiety, you may start to speed your word delivery. The audience can hear it and they will usually be forgiving. However, they want you to succeed and by rushing you can lose them. If nerves get you, collect your thoughts and breathe. Now start slowly.

5. Ignore the Naysayers

We’ve all had the people who frown up at the stage, shake their heads and cannot agree with a single word that you’re saying. Don’t stay with your focus on them, put your focus on the people who are supporting you and enjoying what you’re saying. It will make you feel far more confident than trying to convince somebody who is in a negative viewpoint.

Using these five simple public speaking tips can help with a professional presentation and make all the difference with public speaking.

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