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PowerPoints for champions

Presentations for UEFA Club Football Competitions’ Commercial Partners 

Home to the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Europa League, UEFA represent the glitterati of the football world, and TEAM are UEFA’s own full-service marketing agency. As the administrative body for European football and the organisation behind the most coveted trophy in Europe, we knew UEFA and TEAM wanted something spectacular from us. The UEFA brand embodies prestige, eminence and greatness in sport. They wanted their presentations to have the same premium vibe.


The brief

TEAM came to us with their vision of a high-end sales presentation, with the objective of securing sponsorship for the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League. They wanted premium presentations that would attract premium clients. To attract clients of this calibre, we had to take our presentations to the next level. We’re talking futuristic, technology-driven, forward-thinking presentations.

Although the presentations were proposals for sponsorships, they wanted the client to have a special, unique experience. TEAM wanted their sales pitches to feel ahead of their time and different from what their clients would have seen before.


What we did

TEAM travel all over the world to pitch to global companies, so we had to provide ad hoc support. They would send through a list of new requirements specific to a brand that they were targeting, and we would tailor the presentation to match that brand.

Our designers flexed their creative muscles to produce individual client-branded sections, mock-ups, visuals and videos. Every element was tailored, so every presentation felt unique. The client felt special because they would see their branding built into the presentation. As TEAM were going after sponsorships on behalf of UEFA, our motion graphic designers focused on intricate attention to detail, like incorporating their logos into the media backdrops and LED boards.

This gave each potential client an vivid idea of how their branding would look and how much publicity it would get. Seeing footage of your logo in the stands as Lionel Messi powers home one of his best goals is an incredibly powerful proposition. Details like this added a valuable personal touch to the pitch, and helped the client envision how impactful their sponsorship could be.

It wasn’t just a case of how it looked, but also of how TEAM were going to present it. Our expert developers created a sophisticated interactive content system, ensuring that the delivery of the presentations was a premium experience too.

This adds inbuilt flexibility, empowering the presenters to go through the deck in a linear progression, or choose to focus on the just parts that their audience were most interested in. This made the experience more interactive, and gave the client huge amount of control.

We supplied all the kit and finished material, TEAM just had to plug it in.


How we did it

Preparation was key. Buffalo 7 and TEAM’s core sales team worked together through various workshops and design phases to get everything we needed for a three-year marketing cycle.  We built a specialist design team around TEAM and UEFA’s exact requirement – hiring skilled designers who’s love for football matched their Photoshop skills to bring their passion to the project.

With such a big client we had ample time to research and experiment. TEAM were open to new ideas and new technology, giving us the scope to go all out. We wanted to create a state-of-the-art presentation and give them a solution that no one else could, so we looked at VR, AR, holographs, and much more to find out what would work. We were aiming to blow people away and ramp up the wow-factor.


Our impact

We helped TEAM achieve their objective of pitching the competitions as forward-thinking, premium brands. Our innovative design and development work helped TEAM and UEFA secure sponsorship deals by pushing the boundaries of creativity and exceeding expectations of what PowerPoint presentations are. We received stellar feedback and we’ll be renewing the three-year cycle with TEAM next year.


Why TEAM chose us

TEAM chose us because we’re PowerPoint specialists. We’re experts at creating presentations and helping our clients deliver with maximum impact. Our teams are small but skilled, and we build our teams around you. All we do is create, design and develop. We won this pitch because they thought we’d be the best for the job and we were. By outsourcing it instead of doing it in-house, TEAM were able to make the leap from basic to premium. Just as they wanted.

“Buffalo 7 has provided TEAM with industry leading presentations. Not only do the presentations look best in class, the support Buffalo 7 has provided over the course of our sales process has helped our efforts enormously.”

Ian Warbrick, Director Sponsorship Sales, TEAM

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