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If you’ve made the time investment of creating slick, impactful presentation collateral – or have even hired a professional PowerPoint design service to do the hard work for you – you’ll want to ensure that individuals in your organisation are using it.

Availability of assets is key to making sure that everyone is giving on-brand presentations and singing from the same sheet, but it’s sometimes difficult to administrate between different departments and teams.

By using a PowerPoint slide library, you can centrally manage all presentation assets in one location – thereby increasing productivity across your organisation.

PowerPoint Slide Library

powerpoint slide library

TeamSlide is a PowerPoint slide library that makes it easy to organise and access the presentation visuals and content. With it, you can quickly roll out the most appropriate, up-to-date presentation visuals and content to ensure that all users are staying on-brand and on-message.

Proprietary content management systems often require a connection the company network – something that isn’t always possible or convenient for teams that travel regularly. TeamSlide, however, securely stores all slides, decks and visuals in the cloud. A simple online portal and integrated PowerPoint add-in make it quick and easy for teams to upload content, find what they’re looking for and use it – wherever they are and without disrupting their workflow.

powerpoint slide library

You can upload and manage presentation collateral via TeamSlide’s web portal, enabling teams to share slides efficiently.

With TeamSlide, users can build presentations quickly and with minimum fuss – whether they’re for sales and marketing, brand and communications, or leadership and strategy. Its intelligent algorithm makes it easy to find slides, and you can upload new content for your colleagues to see without leaving PowerPoint.

powerpoint design services

TeamSlide’s PowerPoint add-in makes it easy to search for and find assets directly from the PowerPoint window – and to send your latest slides to the cloud.

TeamSlide’s library even goes right down to PowerPoint object level – so you can share individual shapes, logos and text boxes, as well as complete slides, layouts and presentations.

The service facilitates collaboration and is especially useful for those who deliver a lot of pitches to clients and present internally. In short, it allows the right people to efficiently access and use the right slides.

PowerPoint Design Services

We’re proud to be integrating TeamSlide into our PowerPoint design offering to deliver even more value for our clients. The flexibility offered by TeamSlide maximises the benefits of our presentation design services by allowing you to use these professional assets to their fullest.

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