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How to present to large groups

Presenting to large groups is something that has its own set of challenges. Knowing how to to deliver your presentation in a way that’s practical, but also creative and engaging is no easy task. But as PowerPoint presentation experts with a wealth of PowerPoint design experience, we have some advice to share on the topic.

There are several issues that arise when presenting to large groups. The primary issue is that the prospect of doing so usually increases anxiety. This is due to:

  • – The presenter being further disconnected and less able to have direct contact with the audience
  • – An increased fear of errors being noticed, leading to embarrassment
  • – Difficulty in knowing whether the audience took something valuable away from the presentation
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PowerPoint Presentation Experts On: Presenting to Large Groups

Despite the above adversities, presenting to big groups can still be an experience that delivers great rewards. Read on to discover how you can bring enthusiasm and imagination to the task and see great success.

The lack of intimacy when presenting to a large group can mean that usual presentation tactics are less effective. The presenter has the challenge of connecting with the entire group as opposed to a handful of individuals. Because there is less attention directed to each individual member of the audience, it’s harder for them to maintain their attention. However, with some careful preparation, you can keep them switched on and engaged.

Get to Know Your Material

Essential with any presentation. Once you know your content fully, you can deliver it in a natural way and even make use of dramatic techniques to build to key messages and dramatic reveals.

Give examples, stories and analogies that will help your audience fully understand the ideas you’re trying to get across. Match your information against powerful visuals to help explain more abstract concepts: an impactful image with a few lines of text will communicate your meaning more effectively than a wall of text.

Visually Map Your Delivery

At what speed do you plan to deliver your material and which visual aids will you use? You might want to make notes on your script to remind you when to change slides, pause for emphasis etc.

These directions will keep you to the plan and direct your speech, but it’s important that you present in a way that feels natural to avoid a stale, canned delivery.

Know the Venue

Take full control of your environment by understanding its variables. What can change if people come in and out, and where is the best place to position yourself in order to be seen and heard? Do you have all the equipment that you need and how do the lights work and react in operation?

By following these simple guidelines, you can make a difference to how you perform when you’re presenting to a large group of people. Try it for yourself and let us know how it goes on Twitter.

Do you get nervous when presenting to large groups? Follow our PowerPoint presentation experts’ tips for beating public speaking anxiety.

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