Five incredible sources of PowerPoint design inspiration

Don’t just wait for inspiration: go out there and grab it, borrowing the best ideas from the web and adapting them to fit your presentation.

Where do you turn to for inspiration? Don’t say ‘from up above’. And no, ‘by taking a shower’ doesn’t count either. We’re not knocking either approach, but today we’d like to discuss more tangible sources, the sort you can turn to for guaranteed ideas to fuel your creativity. Specifically, we’re interested in the sort of ideas that will spark the finest sequences of slides ever to grace a projector – and all courtesy of you.

borrow from inspirational PowerPoint resources


Okay, make that you and a few others whose ideas you shamelessly stole from the web to use as a springboard. Did we say stole? We meant borrowed. Here at Buffalo 7 we’re vehemently opposed to plagiarism, but borrowing is fine so long as you’re willing to take that idea and riff on it. Every lyric has been sung, joke has been cracked and call to action has been written before by someone. But don’t despair: brilliance lies in taking these elements and remixing them to create an original composition. By all means borrow from the inspirational PowerPoint resources you’re about to read about. Just remember to give things a shake and a stir before you pass the resultant content off as your own.



Medium is a great source of inspiration for just about everything. We’ll cover design inspiration in a sec, but first if you want to get some sick ideas for your content, type something like ‘best PowerPoint’ or ‘presentation inspiration’ into Medium’s search bar and see what comes up. A great starting point is this article entitled The Greatest Sales Deck I’ve Ever Seen which has been getting some serious love. It’s pretty good too, but if everyone were to emulate it the magic would rapidly vanish. That’s just the way the world works. Someone gets an idea (‘Let’s sell pulled pork’) and then before you know it every gastro-pub, sandwich shop and catering van has jumped on that bandwagon and ruined it for everyone.




Together with Instagram, Pinterest can lay a claim to being the web’s most visual social network. If you’re tired of staring at a blank slide deck and are looking for something – anything – to spur your faltering presentation into life may we suggest Pinterest.

Amidst all the trite and overused quotations, there are some true gems that are just pleading to be placed in your next presentation. It’s easy to lament the way in which some of the greatest thought leaders of the past century have had their wit and wisdom distilled into shareable soundbites, but it’s mighty helpful at times like these. You don’t even have to place an inspirational quote into your presentation; simply reading the words can be enough to set you off on the right track. Oh, and Pinterest isn’t just good for quotes – there are also some great design boards that can furnish you with ideas for setting out your slides.


Note & Point


A great presentation starts with great content and is finished with great design. You’ll find a bit of both at Note & Point, where slick looking presentations are packed with intriguing ideas. “Filling the gaping void of inspiration for those of us who use projectors” is their slogan and what a fine slogan it is too. Click on the tag cloud at the bottom of the page to jump straight to topics that take your fancy.



For presentations so good you could drool over them, Dribble is the bomb. The site serves as a portfolio where designers can show off their latest and greatest creations and there’s some great content there. There’s also some less-than-great content, but that’s the beautiful thing about inspiration; you can get inspired about what not to do just as much as you can by what to do.



LinkedIn’s SlideShare needs no introduction, but when was the last time you went there to trawl for ideas rather than to upload your own content? You should take a look around. There’s some weird and wonderful stuff in there and it’s all too easy to fall down the SlideShare rabbit hole only to emerge, eight hours later, dazed, confused and wondering where the day went. Still, there’s no disputing the brilliance of some of the most popular presentations on there. SlideShare’s a bit moreish so is best enjoyed in moderation – don’t say we didn’t warn you.

After borrowing a few ideas for your next presentation and giving them your own spin, the final product should to all intents and purposes be unique. Do your homework right and not only will you inspire your audience – upload it to the web and you’ll inspire the next PowerPoint creator who’s on the hunt for a good idea. Steal the love, share the love and then give a little love back.

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