What to look for in a PowerPoint company

If you’re thinking of enlisting the services of a PowerPoint company, choose one that meets the following criteria.

You can outsource everything nowadays. Don’t want to clean your wheelie bin? There’s a guy for that. Can’t face doing your laundry? There’s a startup for that. Need a hand with designing your presentations? There’s a PowerPoint company for that. We should know – we’re one of them.

Here at Buffalo7, we’re not particularly good at laundry, and we struggle to find the time to clean our own bins, let alone anyone else’s. If you want a stunning presentation, however, we’ve got your back. But if you’re considering enlisting our services – or those of any PowerPoint company for that matter – it’s worth taking a moment to consider exactly what to expect. What can a PowerPoint presentation company do that you can’t do yourself?


Choose experience

The only way to become awesome at something is by spending a lot of time doing that thing, refining and perfecting it until you’re not just good – you’re damn good. Want to become a virtuoso on the violin? Prepare to put in the 10,000 hours it reportedly takes to attain mastery of a skill. Want to leap off the Matterhorn in a wingsuit? Prepare to perform 500 solo skydives before you’re allowed to earn your wings.

Partnering with a presentation company is a shortcut that enables you to go from rookie to rockstar in an instant. It’s a life hack, a cheat, but one that’s not only permissible, but advisable, if you want to hit the giddy heights that come from enjoying complete domination of your craft. Acing your presentation doesn’t feel as exhilarating as leaping off a mountain, it’s true. Still, it brings its own satisfaction and – boring as this might sound – it’s probably going to do more to advance your career.


Choose storytelling

As we’ve emphasised before, great presenting is all about great storytelling. You want a pretty presentation? Sure, we’ll help with that. But our skill set extends far beyond ensuring that your typefaces don’t clash and your slides transition smoothly. If the story lacks substance, no amount of slick PowerPoint tricks will redeem it. The clients who approach us typically have great products and services, but are struggling to weave these into a compelling narrative.

  • What’s your story?
  • How did you overcome adversity?
  • And, most importantly, what have you learned along the way that will help your clients enjoy their happy ever after?

The ‘brand storyteller’ meme has been done to death, it’s true. But don’t let that detract from the fact that a great agency, be it a PowerPoint company or a graphic design firm, will possess the ability to pinpoint and refine your story.

Great presentation isn’t about throwing slides together any more than great art is about throwing paint at a canvas. Sure, there’s a process, but it’s the ideas that preface that process which make it sing. By the time we’ve fired up PowerPoint, we’ve already done most of our work. The slides are merely the visible manifestation of a process that started with listening attentively to our clients before riffing on their ideas and refining them till all that’s left is a polished gem.


Choose life

If you’ve partnered with a PowerPoint company that possesses the experience and the storytelling skills to transform your ideas, you’re already a step ahead of the competition. At this stage, there’s just one box left to tick off in your ideal agency: the one marked “Life”.


How will they bring your message to life?

What will they do to ensure your ideas leap off the page like a skydiver hurling themselves out of a plane at 13,000 feet?

This is where the agency’s PowerPoint skills will come into their own. Using vivid data visualisation, bespoke graphics, seamless transitions and powerful CTAs, they’ll spin a compelling narrative that turns the ordinary into the extraordinary and the extraordinary into the stupendous.

That’s not hyperbole by the way: a good PowerPoint company should be capable of elevating your presentations to a level way beyond anything you could rustle up in-house. It’s not magic, voodoo or rocket science: it’s just what happens when you entrust your presentation to a highly-motivated and experienced team who do this stuff every single day for multinationals, for SMEs and for anyone else who wants to stand out from the crowd.

Whether you’re looking to attract investors, a pay rise or a standing ovation, it all comes down to your presentation. Your words; your delivery; your slides – the whole shebang. If you’re planning to partner with a presentation company, choose one that offers the complete package. Choose experience. Choose storytelling. Choose life.

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