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The best iPad apps for PowerPoint presentations

Stop playing with your iPad and start using it to perfect your presentations with the aid of these useful iPad PowerPoint apps.

iPads are great for all kinds of things, like watching Netflix and playing Hitman Go and following recipes. But PowerPoint on iPad? Really?

Sure. Why not?

If you thought PowerPoint was reserved for the office, with a PC powering it and a swivel chair supporting you, think again. Unleash PowerPoint from the workplace and start using it when and where inspiration strikes with the aid of the Microsoft Powerpoint app.

You can view PowerPoint presentations on your iPad for free and what’s more you can create and edit slides using the app if you have an Office 365 subscription. The app looks particularly good on the iPad Pro, enabling you to quickly assemble slides at the push of a button – or rather the swipe of a touchscreen.

PowerPoint on iPhone and iPad

Thanks to the PowerPoint app, which works on both iPad and iPhone, you can create slides anywhere: on the train; on the beach; in the bath. Okay, probably not that last one actually, but the rest are all goers. We’re not saying you should be in work mode 24/7, but it’s nice to have the ability to finish up an important presentation out of office, or to get a headstart on the coming week by putting your morning commute to good use.

If you’ve used PowerPoint at work, you’ll have no trouble adjusting to PowerPoint for iPad. Save for the fact that you’ll be swiping instead of mouse clicking, there’s very little between the two platforms. If you’ve got your iPad linked to Dropbox, OneDrive or another form of cloud-based storage, it’s easy to access your PowerPoint slides on your iPad.

But there’s more to mastering PowerPoint for iPad than simply installing Microsoft’s iOS app and then fleeing the office at the first available opportunity. If you really want to put your tablet to good use, try installing one of the following iPad PowerPoint apps. They’ll supercharge your slideshows, enhance your presentations and leave you looking like a very smug Pepe when you rock up at the office with your work done and dusted.

The top iPad PowerPoint apps

Best iPad app for viewing PowerPoint: iSpring Cloud

When it comes to viewing PowerPoint slides, iSpring Cloud is probably the pick of the bunch. Presentations will display exactly as they do in PowerPoint for desktop, with the only kicker being that you can’t edit them using this app. So what’s the point of it then? Well, the display quality is top-notch for one thing – arguably even better than the PowerPoint for iPad app.

If you’re having face to face meetings with clients, iSpring Cloud will make the most of your high retina display, causing your slides to sing – metaphorically at least. (Audio is optional.) From transitions to embedded video, all of PowerPoint’s features are faithfully created in the app, which is free for 30 days and thereafter adds a splash logo screen at the start of each presentation unless you upgrade.

Best iPad app for creating PowerPoint slides: Keynote

If you’re a Mac user, you’ll already be familiar with Keynote; it’s Apple’s slideshow equivalent of PowerPoint. But if you’ve previously dismissed Keynote as being PowerPoint lite, you’re wrong. Okay, you’re not entirely wrong – at Buffalo 7 we still prefer using PowerPoint, even when working on a Mac – but Keynote has certainly got its benefits. Those benefits truly come into their own when you’re using the Keynote iPad app.

No one knows iOS better than Apple (crazy, right?) so it’s no surprise that the Keynote app should feel so slick and seamless on the iPad. Add bubble charts, pricing tables, cinematic transitions and much more quickly and easily. When you’re done, content can be synced using iCloud and exported in PowerPoint format. There are a couple of drawbacks to using the Keynote app however. Firstly, it’s more suited to creating presentations from scratch than it is to editing existing PowerPoint presentations and secondly it’ll cost you a penny shy of £20.

Best iPad app for live presentations: Slideshark

SlideShark takes a different approach to PowerPoint, converting slides into video, transitions and all. What’s the point of this? Well, it means that the resultant output can be controlled using SlideShark’s multimedia player. The experience is akin to watching YouTube complete with the ability to click on hyperlinks.

The SlideShark app truly comes into its own when presenting to multiple iPad devices. Each attendee can follow along on their tablet, with the presenter controlling the playback. You can even broadcast presentations over the web in real time using SlideShark and can save markups for future use. This feature is extremely handy if you’re likely to be delivering the same presentation on a regular basis. The SlideShark app is free, though you can upgrade to the paid version to unlock additional features and storage space.

In the right context, Slideshark, Keynote and iSpring Cloud can all complement your use of the PowerPoint iPad app, or replace it altogether if desired. Sure, you’ll still rely on your trusty desktop for doing the heavy lifting, but for editing, viewing and presenting on the fly, these apps will take your slides out of the office and into the real world.

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