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Review your presentation to increase conversions

Welcome to the final part in our blog series on how to deliver the best sales presentation for your prospects’ needs. Hopefully over the last couple of week you’ve been able to draw on our sales presentation tips and implement our actionable advice to increase conversions.

Increase Conversions

We’ll be rounding this series off by looking at how during the sales cycle you can continually review and optimise your presentations, factoring in your experiences and learnings to increase conversions with future prospects.

You’ll need to gather information as your present to do this successfully – whether quantitative or qualitative. Find out what works well and what doesn’t, then use this information to adjust your sales messaging to increase conversions. Remaining agile in this way will help you to stay ahead of your competition.

Amplify What Works Well

If part of your presentation makes an impression on or resonates particularly well with an audience, record this and use it to your advantage when reviewing your messaging.

It’s not safe to assume that if something works well for one prospect, this will apply across their industry and company type, but this information is no doubt useful.

It might seem obvious, but if something works particularly well for a prospect, enhance and amplify that part of your messaging or offering for similar prospects in the same sales demographic (but always remain response to individual needs).

Incorporate Feedback

We’ve explored the importance of assessing customers’ individual needs and building individually tailored, customised sales presentation around them, but this should be taken a step further.

You should obviously embed yourself in your prospect’s industry and learn as much as possible about their business and challenges, but sometimes the only way you’ll really know if your sales presentation works for a certain kind of audience is by field testing it.

When things don’t work out exactly as you’d have liked, record this information and use it to help you improve next time; what you learn from one prospect about their industry and its culture is certainly helpful for helping you increase conversions with a different prospect in the same field.

Make the Time

Another perhaps obvious but important point is simply to allocate the proper time for reviewing your presentation collateral periodically. Why not pencil in a meeting with your colleagues every so often to discuss successes and failures, analyse competitor activity, and engage in a collaborative QA to make sure your sales presentations are the very best they can be.

Just because your sales presentation is cutting-edge today, doesn’t mean that it will stay that way, so continuous review and improvement is essential.

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