How to brief your presentation design agency

Brilliant design projects start with brilliant briefs, and the same goes for PowerPoint presentations. A brief is a blueprint for your project: it sets out what you want and when and how you need it delivered.

Conversely, a bad brief brings with it a huge degree of risk: it precipitates confusion that can ultimately harm the success of your project and your relationship with an agency partner.

It’s easy to fear briefing – especially if they haven’t done it before – but it’s really a lot simpler than you might think. Essentially, you’re giving a presentation design agency the information and tools they need to generate ideas and solutions that will benefit your business aims.

Making sure your brief is detailed and focused will help your project to run more smoothly, and will ultimately generate a greater return on investment. Below are some key features your brief should contain before handing it off to your PowerPoint presentation company.


Tell them about your business

Don’t immediately expect your agency to hold a deep understanding of your business and industry landscape. Provide an overview of who you are, what you do, and what you stand for.

And we don’t mean dumping corporate sales copy into your briefing document – this type of waffle is useless in a brief. Instead, trust your agency and be candid about your market situation and professional and business problems you’re facing. The more details that they know, the more likely they’ll be able to dream up a solution that meets your needs effectively.


Be clear on objectives

Yes, your chosen PowerPoint presentation company needs to know the what (type of presentation, number of slides, technical depth) but to give an intelligent response that fits with the rest of your activity, they also need to understand the why – what objective are you looking to achieve using this presentation?

Outlining how you’ll measure the success of your presentation project is also important: it sets key deliverables for PowerPoint presentation companies to keep at front of mind throughout.


Explain the scope

Is your messaging and content already in place? Do you have a clear editorial vision and tone for the presentation? Do you require visual assets to be created from scratch or will you provide these? Do you have established brand guidelines in place?

These are all parts of the puzzle that PowerPoint presentation companies can help with, but it’s essential to let them know what collateral is already in place and what you need to be created.

They also need to know about the estimated number of slides and any technical functionality you require – such as animations and transitions, and adding video to PowerPoint.

Providing a budget at the briefing stage is helpful because it helps your agency to respond with solutions that are both affordable and suitable for your business. If you’re unable to provide an exact figure, an indication of spending capacity for this type of project is the next best thing.


Detail delivery and timelines

Make clear what you expect to be delivered and when.

If you have clear specifications for how the end product should be handed over, here’s the time to make them explicit. Let your agency know which file formats you’d like the project delivered in, the appropriate screen resolution, and if there’s any supplementary material that should be provided.

It’s important for both client and agency that delivery expectations are clear at the outset to avoid any unexpected costs further on in the project.

Knowing your deadlines is of paramount importance to  your agency. They will want to when you need final collateral by and at which milestones you require progress reports. This is essential for the agency’s time management: they have to schedule the appropriate amount of time into their studio, making sure there is enough time for concept development, design, build and then an allowance for amendments at your instruction.


Always arrange a call

It might seem obvious, but simply picking up the phone or meeting with your chosen PowerPoint presentation company face-to-face always proves invaluable in terms of opening lines of communication and ensuring that everyone is on the same page.

Working with a design agency, regardless of their specialism, should be a collaborative affair. Yes, the reason you’re paying them is to use their specialised skills and do the hard work, but it’s important to recognise that the more you put into the relationship, the most sophisticated creative you’ll receive as a result.

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