Helping an ambitious tech company to GROW | Sales Presentation

Helping an ambitious tech company to GROW

High impact sales presentations


The client

GROW software


High growth software company, GROW, is a small business with big possibilities. Its unique distributed manufacturing platform helps customers to tap into the benefits of additive manufacturing (the industrial version of 3D printing) – a concept which is set to revolutionise the way that complex high-performance products are made. Backed by investors as a potential world-changing technology, GROW has exciting ambitions to be the global manufacturing platform of the future.


The brief

When your business relates to an emerging and complex technology, selling it to an educated and time-poor audience in a few minutes can be a challenge. Having experimented with the length and style of their company sales pitch, the GROW team realised that they needed to find a happy medium between text-heavy PowerPoint slides and a lighter-touch approach in order to communicate their complex product messages in a positive and engaging way.

“The difficulty with our previous sales presentation was that when we included too much information on the slides, we were reduced to reading them. This approach doesn’t have the desired impact when you’re selling into a highly technical audience in some of the world’s biggest companies.

“When we played with less text and a more visual style, if prospects shared the deck with colleagues who hadn’t attended the original meeting the limited slide content didn’t communicate our proposition to best effect.”

Ray Coyle, CEO, GROW Software


The process

Searching for a solution to its sales presentation dilemma, GROW turned to Buffalo 7. Initially working to a brief and a straw man sales deck provided by the client, our team created a bespoke PowerPoint presentation that brought the GROW story to life using animation, custom graphics and illustration.

The creative process was a collaborative effort. By providing advice, ideas and guidance at every stage, we were able to open up possibilities that went beyond the GROW team’s original expectations.

“As the project developed, it became clear just how keen Buffalo 7 were to create something that genuinely worked for us. They were constantly willing to revise and adapt ideas — even if this meant making changes that weren’t specified in our original brief — which we found both surprising and refreshing.

“Even when we weren’t entirely sure what we wanted, Buffalo 7 rose to the challenge and presented us with fully formed elements that they’d worked up from outline concepts. Their PowerPoint design skills and experience combined with their openness to try things resulted in a stand-out service and made the whole experience a really positive one for us.”

Ray Coyle, CEO, GROW Software


The outcome

Feedback on the final presentation deck has been overwhelmingly positive. According to the sales team, the main benefit of the new PowerPoint presentation is that it helps them to get clients and prospects quickly to a point where they have a complete understanding of what GROW does.

The success of the slide deck means that it is also used as the basis for the company’s corporate presentation which is used to tell the GROW story to a wide range of audiences including investors and shareholders.

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