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PowerPoint advice: say goodbye to boring presentations

Sitting through boring presentations is almost a global issue. How many boring PowerPoint slides have been created with bullets and text shown with minutes of silence? The uncomfortableness of this combined with the complete lack of energy in the session can leave people thankful to leave. We’ve all been there.

Engaging PowerPoint Advice

Some of us, although loath to admit it, have even created some of these cringe-filled presentation moments. But no more: we have some engaging PowerPoint advice to help you get on the right track and say goodbye to those boring presentations once and for all.

No More Boring Presentations

engaging powerpoint advice

Most professionals are smart and specialists in their subject matter. So why is it that they cannot arise above the lacklustre presentation? Most often it’s because they will have seen their boss present this way and assume it’s the way it should be done. Presentations can also be nerve wracking. It can be scary to stand up in front of a collect of smart professionals who might not be fully supportive of our message.

Delivering presentations is a dramatic art. There are those out there who appear to do it effortlessly, but trust us: these powerful presenters have put in a lot of work behind the scenes.

Here’s how to deliver your PowerPoint presentation in an engaging way:

Connect with Your Audience: This means engaging with them in an authentic way. Coming across as inauthentic can hurt your credibility and your audience will be less responsive to your message. Maintain eye contact as you would in a one-to-one conversation, smile and make use of your hands to present in an honest, meaningful way.

Cut It in Half: Most presentations are far too long, and audience attention levels plummet after the first ten minutes. Just three powerful messages should be enough to get your main ideas across. As a starting point for your slide structure, boil down your content into a few key messages of just a few words each.

Use Your Nerves: I’s perfectly normal to suffer from presentation anxiety before public speaking. The answer to this is to practice until you know your material inside out: then your delivery of it will be smoother and less staged. Also focus on how excited you are to share your ideas with the audience: this well help you turn your nerves into positive energy.

Add Powerful Images: Keep your audience engaged allow relevant, quality visuals to lead your presentation. Find quality images for your PowerPoint presentation and be sure to mix things up to keep your audience switched on and interested as your move from slide to slide.

Build Your Presentation to Fit Q&A: Don’t leave just 10 minutes for it, make it part of the presentation. Ask people to come up and join you for questions on the stage so that you can directly address with what the audience needs to get out of your presentation.

By doing your homework well, you can say goodbye to those boring presentations and hello to engagement, clear communication and audience actions.

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