Presentation tips from the world’s best storytellers

Corporate Presentation Tips

Presenting is a great way to connect with clients and potential customers, but how do you make sure that your pitch is successful? We take a look at some of the world’s best storytellers to see how they craft exciting narratives you can apply to your own corporate presentations.

Walt Disney

Responsible for some of the most lucrative film franchises in history, there’s a reason the Disney brand is trusted. Disney knows how to tell the same old stories in a way that is always new. However, the brand never strays too far from familiar ground, ensuring that the viewer has some common themes and hooks to relate to. That way, those heartstrings can be pulled and manipulated however Disney wishes through the course of a film, as viewers find ways to subconsciously apply their own situation to those of the onscreen narrative.

            Lesson to learn: make it new

Modernist poet Ezra Pound coined this phrase (apparently). What it means is to take your narrative and not be concerned if it feels as though your story has been told a thousand times by other companies. You have a unique slant – otherwise your company wouldn’t exist. Draw out these individual elements and apply them to a broader narrative for a strong corporate presentation that your potential clients will be able to connect with.

Roald Dahl

A classic children’s author, Roald Dahl wasn’t ever afraid to take on heavier topics in light-hearted ways. By twisting classic fairy tales such as Red Riding Hood, he trumped the expectations of his audience and engaged them with humour and a fresh perspective. Instead of being eaten by the big bad wolf, Red Riding Hood whips out a pistol from her garter and kills the wolf.

Lesson to learn: be Roald Dahl’s Red

Try being Red: turn problems on their head to present new solutions. A little humour goes a long way, but the most memorable presentations are ones with the human elements. Roald Dahl’s Red works because she is fiery and has a strong personality, especially compared with the traditional stories. Engage your audience by showing your personality and that of your brand, helping to create connections.

Harper Lee

To Kill A Mockingbird was a favourite of the Buffalo7 team’s schooldays, largely thanks to the storytelling techniques employed by the celebrated Harper Lee. There are two significant techniques you can take from To Kill a Mockingbird to use in your corporate PowerPoint presentation. Firstly: remember that every story has more than one side. Secondly: never underestimate the importance of tension.

                  Lesson to learn: present facts in interesting ways

Create tension in your PowerPoint presentation design by holding something back over the first few slides. Explain the problem your clients are facing before releasing the solution in a drip feed, helping to create tension. See how your audience continues to remain interested, as they aren’t overloaded with information at any one point and can actively visualise the benefits you are offering.

J.R.R. Tolkien

We couldn’t mention great storytellers without talking about one of the very best modern authors. Tolkien’s attention to detail in creating an entirely new world – complete with histories that reached back centuries and creatures that felt as real to the reader as their pet dog – brought the fantasy world to life.

Lesson to learn: aim high with your narrative

If you don’t patronise the audience they’ll connect with you on a far stronger level. More importantly, however, is the narrative you choose to tell them. Don’t feel restrained by convention: if you need to create entire universes in order to provide a world-view solution for your products, then do it. The more convinced you are of your story, the more your audience will be swept along with you.

Nicci French

A co-author husband and wife team, Nicci French have several bestseller thrillers under their belt. They write their own novels too (under their own names Nicci Gerrard and Sean French), and write on average a novel a year together. The name Nicci French holds far more gravity with the reader than either of their individual personas as authors.

Lesson to learn: collaborate

Your story is your pitch. You are the people who know what your story is, inside out. But if you’re not a design whizz with PowerPoint or aren’t convinced of your oration techniques, how can you be sure that your corporate presentation goes well? Collaborating with a leading corporate PowerPoint presentation design agency means you can be assured that your story is told with the strongest branding, simplest style and most effective pitch possible.

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