Pitching to a household name? Come see Buffalo 7 | Tusker Case Study

Pitching to a household name? Come and see Buffalo 7

Tusker is a car benefit company offering salary sacrifice cars, company cars and fleet management services. They were pitching their services to a household name, and wanted to create a real impact. They tasked Buffalo 7 to revitalise their old presentation template.

Usually, Tusker wins contracts with new organisations through the pitching process. More often than not, their potential customers will shortlist a number of companies that offer similar services to Tusker, and then it will come down to the final pitch to determine who secures the contract.

In our experience, many companies spend a huge proportion of their marketing budgets getting to the pitching stage, only to be let down by their presentation. Earlier this year we conducted some research, the results of which highlight this problem. It’s likely you’ve spent a lot of money on lead generation, whether it’s through a fancy website, adverts or another means. So doesn’t it makes sense to invest some money in the final pitch too?


Out of date template

That’s exactly what Tusker did. Their template was old and tired and no longer met their requirements. So they researched a few companies online who might be able to help them create something great, which would help to increase their win rate in pitches.

Buffalo 7 were delighted that Tusker chose us and our team got to work. We had a pretty short deadline of three weeks, so it was important to get things started straight away. We kicked things off with a briefing call with their designated project manager and design team. They explained to us how their current template was dated and incorrectly formatted. Also, they had recently rebranded, adding a number of secondary colours to their palette, which they wanted to use in their new presentation.

Although they did have one prospect in mind for whom they were creating the presentation, it was clear that they would need an accompanying template that they could create subsequent presentations from. The template needed to be user friendly, so it could be updated easily and still look really slick.


To begin with… an audit!

We started the design process with an audit of their existing material. It was really useful to review what they had been using up until now, and to determine the types of information they would usually deliver when pitching. We had a look at a number of their previous presentations to ensure that the template we were about to build contained all of the layouts they were likely to need in the future.

The next stage of the project focused on developing a new, overarching design style that ran throughout the material and supported the messaging perfectly. We worked with the new branding and their guidance to create a look and feel that represented Tusker perfectly and really modernised their sales presentation.

Tusker Sales Presentation


An image focused powerful presentation

The final result was a really powerful pitch presentation with an accompanying template. It contained loads of imagery and we chose to split up a lot of the particularly ‘text heavy’ slides using slider icons to make it much clearer and more visual. The animations were slick and really added to the presentation, rather than distract from it.

Three weeks to the day after the initial briefing call, we delivered their shiny new PowerPoint deck. Tusker took their new presentation and template, and after securing the contract with the ‘household name’, they rolled it out across the whole company.

“It was so well received after the presentation that the slides were shared companywide to use as a template for new business and account management presentations.” Naomi Curtis-Wayne, B2B Marketing Manager, Tusker

Since we completed their initial presentation and template, we’ve worked with Tusker on a number of additional projects, and we look forward to continuing our working relationship.

“The service was great. We had a very tight turnaround and the presentation was perfect from a design perspective – we only had a few minor copy changes to do which was fab – it could have been a major headache and it wasn’t.” Naomi Curtis-Wayne, B2B Marketing Manager, Tusker

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