Buffalo 7's roots

We didn't get here overnight.

Graft, ambition, talent, good fortune and a meeting of minds have all played their part in creating Buffalo 7.

So let’s take it back to the beginning to see how things got started.


After ten years of working in big media agencies, Rich left to form Buffalo 7 as a multi-disciplined design agency based in London.


Rich’s reputation as an expert in really well-designed PowerPoint won Buffalo 7 Microsoft and UEFA Champions League pitches against some of the big London agencies like Ogilvy and Saatchi, despite being a one-man-band.

These big clients enabled the first hires and Buffalo 7 started to grow.


The company refocused as a niche presentation design agency. We decided to open a Manchester studio, grow the team and develop the heart of the business in this location.


Buffalo 7 was enjoying turnover increase of 600% year on year, and moved into new premises in Manchester, forming a crack new team.


Further growth meant that we needed to move our Manchester head office to much bigger premises: our famous Treehouse Suite.

The plan is to open an office on the West Coast of America in 2019, and another in Asia in 2020.

This will enable projects to be handed from one office to the next as part of a 24-hour operation.



The Treehouse, Floors 3&4, 127 Portland St, Manchester, M1 4PZ

+44 (0)161 533 7777


1 Long Lane, London, SE1 4PG

+44 (0)208 064 7777


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